The Masked Singer: DPG Media and JBC’s Creative Collaboration

February 15, 2024

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While business partnerships and collaborations are key, joining forces in showcasing creativity can prove to be quite challenging, yet equally rewarding. Such was the case with the constructive partnership between DPG Media and Belgian fashion retailer JBC. The companies pulled off a successful collaborative campaign combining the fame of The Masked Singer competition with the launch of an exclusive clothing collection.

The Masked Singer, a widely acclaimed and visually spectacular television show, has garnered a massive audience following in Belgium. With its unique blend of mystery, entertainment, and stunning costumes, The Masked Singer provides an excellent opportunity to extend its brand into the fashion industry. DPG Media, as the media powerhouse behind the show, embraced this opportunity by partnering with JBC, a trusted and popular fashion retailer in Belgium.

The idea was to use the Masked Singer’s captivating visuals and bring the fantastic creatures from the show into the lives of fans with a dedicated clothing collection. Also, using the popularity of record-breaking format to attract new customers and drive traffic towards e-shops and physical stores. The collection included a ‘Don’t Talk To Me’ hoodie with a customisable back and a T-shirt featuring not only an image of the character but also the option to have your own text printed.

Launching the collection concurrently with the show’s on-air debut required synchronised timing and confidentiality, especially concerning the details of the Masked Singer’s costumes and masks. When the first episode aired, in February 2023, t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts were already available at every JBC store. Effective communication between the partners of the project proved to be the key, unlocking a level of trust that ensured a fruitful collaboration.

The success of the campaign surpassed expectations, leading to an organic integration into the show. The jury and candidates, inspired by the designs, also became avid supporters of the collection. The participants not only embraced the clothing but also shared their enthusiasm about the collection on social media platforms. A heartwarming example on social media: Siska Schoeters, one of the show participants, shared an image of her daughter unknowingly wearing a shirt with her own mother’s Masked Singer costume.

The DPG Media partnership with JBC and The Masked Singer seized a compelling opportunity to merge entertainment and fashion, creating a unique and marketable product and showcasing the importance of creativity in the business. By leveraging the visual appeal of The Masked Singer, this collaboration engaged a broad audience and enhanced the brand presence of all stakeholders involved. The alignment of strategic objectives, comprehensive marketing efforts, and a well-executed design process positions this partnership for success in the dynamic and competitive industry.

Our key takeaway is that thanks to the Masked Singer’s customisable collection at JBC, we have been able to be part of a key connecting moment with families in Flanders.

Heleen Vanhoudt

Partnership coordinator, JBC