General information

Sector: Financial

Media: Linear TV, online, social media, RBC platforms, and in-branch

Time period: 1 November 2021 – 31 October 2022

Case description

As Canada’s biggest bank, RBC wanted to help Canadians get closer to their financial goals by sharing expert financial and real-life practical advice on everything from budgeting for home renovations to tips on everyday banking and growing a business. They needed to drive mass awareness of RBC’s multitude of products that empower Canadians in various life stages to make educated financial decisions while staying relevant and relatable.

Corus’ Brainsights research showed that ’hosted’ brandsell – i.e., when a product is presented by a host or consumer - outperforms traditional brandsell ads, especially on attention and connection metrics. The use of trusted celebrities grabs the viewers’ attention and reinforces the importance of the message. Therefore, in 2018, Corus Entertainment introduced a plan to collaborate with RBC and real-life RBC customers, Bryan and Sarah Baeumler – who are two well-known personalities from a popular show on HGTV Canada called “Island of Bryan” - a rapport built on authenticity, creativity, flexibility and innovation that goes beyond traditional media services.

Corus knows Bryan and Sarah are trusted Canadian entrepreneurs and parents of four children, which allows them to speak authentically to multiple RBC products and offerings due to their unique personal and business banking needs. As RBC Ambassadors, they gave RBC an authentic way to connect with customers and employees alike. This allowed RBC to drive mass awareness for a multitude of products that empower Canadians in various life stages to make educated financial decisions.

This campaign launched in Island of Bryan, the most-watched series on the channel HGTV Canada in over 12 years. Corus developed their RBC custom content in a similar tone, manner, and humour that Bryan and Sarah are known for; creating ‘life-like’ scenarios that mirror their own personal and business circumstances. Through digital, social, commercial broadcast, and integrated in-show content we were able to bring to life RBC solutions that resonate with Corus’ audiences and RBC consumers.

Within Corus, Tempo, a full-service client marketing and creative team developed this campaign by working closely with RBC and Initiative Canada.

Campaign results

In 2022, Corus produced 21 pieces of unique content, delivering a consistent message across all consumer touchpoints, supporting seven different RBC products across multiple Corus’ streaming platforms and apps, as well as social media. The campaign demonstrated that leaning into authenticity and real-life scenarios continues to resonate and connect with Canadians.

Over the course of 9 months, the campaign delivered over 100 million impressions on both linear and digital. According to the annual brand lift study, the campaign has shown an increased positivity rating with 47% more likely to give RBC a positive rating and 61% more likely to consider RBC the next time they choose a financial institution.

This past year featured breakthrough creative featuring Bryan and Sarah Baeumler on RBC’s Tiktok handle. The campaign was produced nimbly with so.da – Corus’ internal social, digital and PR agency. The campaign drove the highest RBC’s Tiktok view rate in history – double the RBC benchmark. The show is ranked as the #1 entertainment specialty program. It continues to be the most-watched series on HGTV in more than 12 years and it reaches over 7 million Canadians. Corus hopes to continue the partnership in the years to come.

Campaign video