rmb and slice logos

Background information

RMB, the Belgian media sales house, is dedicated to transforming its business to make it more resilient with a focus on innovation, exploration, and sustainability. Nevertheless, they feel under pressure from the new players in the market. As a result, in 2022, as an addition to the creative solutions unit launched in 2018 known as Flash, RMB decided to develop a new brand named Slice. This new department serves as a nexus, bringing together brands and content creators such as streamers streamers, YouTubers, gamers, etc. Jointly, they develop next-level branded content for clients.

About Slice

Officially inaugurated in March 2023, Slice represents an ecosystem that brings together brands and young Belgian content creators. Equipped studios, strategically placed within RMB’s offices, include a lounge room, an audio room, a beauty room, a green room, and a gaming room, expediting the production process. RMB contributes its client relationships and expertise as a sales house. The objective is to facilitate connections between advertisers and innovative Belgian content creators, fostering exceptional long-term collaborations based on shared values and authenticity.

Slice is not just another influencer agency, what distinguishes them is their long-term strategy, they don’t work on action-based partnerships.  Each creator possesses their unique universe, and brands seamlessly enter this space to communicate authentically with the audience. Slice ensures that creators and brands share common values.

All brands associated with Slice get connected to their audiences including Gen Zs who consume mainly social media). The content produced aligns with the brand positioning and encompasses all other communication aspects, incorporating storytelling.

Napoleon Sports podcast – Nonante Minutes

An illustrative example of a Slice campaign made in collaboration with a betting company Napoleon Sports was the launch of a podcast and a brand new channel called “90 minutes”. The podcast, comprising seven episodes discussing football with interviews of renowned footballers, featured hosts who were football specialists and Twitch or other streaming experts. The content was disseminated across Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Payconiq campaign

Another client, Payconiq (a mobile payment system via QR codes), engaged young talents as brand ambassadors, each taking a unique approach. One YouTuber wagered with people on the street, daring them to deliver shocking news to a relative. If they obliged, he rewarded them using Payconiq.

Another influencer developed a special dance for TikTok illustrating the no need for a wallet via "Bye-bye wallet" dance when using  Payconiq. Both approaches were very successful in engaging their followers and received a positive response. More about this campaign here.

Other clients of Slice include Axe, Proximus, Base, Jupiler, Orange, Keytrade Bank, Disney, Sony Pictures, VISITWallonia, etc.


RMB's commitment to innovation, exploration, and sustainability has cultivated a strong company culture, with Slice contributing valuable talent, agility, and a competitive edge in the market.