Radio2 joins Euro Shop for a DIY weekend with Var

Var, Euro Shop and Radio2 logos

March 21, 2024

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Background information

In this business case study, we discuss the 1st of May long ‘’DIY weekend’’ organized by Radio2, a Belgian radio channel operated by VRT (the Flemish public broadcaster). A long weekend is indeed the perfect time to indulge in DIY activities around the house and the major Belgian non-food retailer, Euro Shop, has been looking for a way to convey this message. The VRT sales house, Var, got involved in this project and, in collaboration with Radio2, developed a particularly relevant and efficient activation for it.

Strategy and Activation

Euro Shop was looking for a way to activate its target group, one which corresponds to that of Radio2 – listeners in the age group of 35-64. To get to work, of course, listeners need equipment: DIY items, decorative objects, finishing materials and so on. Many products can be found at Euro Shop, hence its slogan ‘Let’s bet we’ve got it?’. There was a perfect match between the radio brand and the retailer to take advantage of.

However, a good match can only go so far, timing, context, relevance and creativity are also important. The editorial framework focused on DIY on Radio2 for a whole weekend. During these three days, several celebrities entrusted their DIY tips to Flemish radio presenter, Caren Meynen. Something to inspire listeners. And via the app, the best tips and tricks have been widely shared.

Euro Shop offered DIY vouchers: 8 cheques for 750 euros were distributed on the radio, and 1 cheque via the internet. The competition was straightforward: listeners were offered a ‘DIY question’ by a handyman, with the responsibility of giving their answer via the Radio2 app. Out of all the correct answers, one winner was drawn and called on the phone (4,500 participants for the radio contest). For the online contest, participants were challenged to a game of recognizing seven DIY tools (6,625 unique participants for the online contest).


The impact exceeded all expectations. On both the radio and via the internet, the reactions were countless. From now on, the Euro Shop brand is undoubtedly associated with DIY in the minds of DIY enthusiasts. Goal achieved!

Meanwhile, Radio2 and Euro Shop have had a second edition of the DIY Weekend in October. Once again, this weekend was a success and inspired listeners to do DIY projects at home. This time as well, listeners had the opportunity to win gift vouchers from Euro Shop.

Thanks to the power of Radio2, with only 40 insertions, the campaign reached nearly 1/4 of the 35-64 target audience, and this with an OTH (Opportunity To Hear) frequency of 7. The selectivity was not high and that is because Radio2 had a wide target audience – 35-64 age group but also reaching the 65+ group. The campaign had a reach of 18.4% out of all Flemish people (12+) on Monday, May 1st which was 1,060.055 people – 1/5 of all radio listeners in Flanders at that moment. The source used for these results was CIM.