General information

Sector: Multiple

Media: Linear TV, BVOD

Time period: May and November 2022 (1 week, twice a year)

Clients: Toyota, Nissan, Nisshin Flour Milling Inc., Seven & I Holdings Co., Ltd., Asahi Soft Drinks, Kirin, Aqua Clara, P&G, Suntory, Edion, Raxaus Create Inc. Takara Standard, Kanjo Bugyo, Unifrutti

Case description

Since 2020, TBS is fully committed to playing their role in widely communicating the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to Japanese audiences. Their vision, was to use all the assets at their disposal, from the country’s major private TV station, to consistently reach all sections of society. The campaign is called: the “Week to Make the Earth Smile", and at its core aims to encourage viewers to actively do contribute to at least one of the SDGs. Under the motto “Let’s try something for the SDGs!”, twice a year, TBS consistently communicates around the need to act upon the SDGs, for an entire week each time, incorporating messaging throughout its entire TV schedule, including the news, infotainments pieces and variety shows.

The initiative is the perfect way to naturally integrate brands in TBS campaigns while promoting responsible and sustainable behaviours. Famous personalities got involved in the SDG campaigns during short ad spots broadcasted on TV. Over 20 brands participated as sponsors of the concept and have contributed to seamlessly integrating the SDG messages into TBS’s programming. Toyota, Nissan, DIP and SalesForce are, for example, just some of the loyal brands to have participated in this project over the last two years.

For brands, it meant various integration opportunities such as, sponsorship, product placement in infotainment shows, branded content, but also regular ads as well as social media campaign extensions. For the viewers, the focus has always been first and foremost on the SDG goals (using the United Nation’s visuals) and on the quality of information shared about how they can act as responsible citizens on a given sustainability goal.

Creating a wide range of slots and segments dedicated to the same theme (SDGs) across various programmes is quite unique and makes TBS as first-mover among commercial broadcasters on this issue.

Campaign results

The campaign was successful. People who watched the campaign became more aware of the issue and were ready to take action. The campaign received a lot of positive feedback from audiences too. Based on the post-campaign survey, 80% of respondents had a positive image towards the brands that were sponsoring the campaign. The campaign helped TBS to understand audiences’ attitudes towards the SDGs - more people were aware of them and were more willing to take action than expected. There were still many more people (especially the elderly) who were completely unaware of “SDGs” when the campaign launched two years ago – a reminder of the need for such a campaign. The campaign will be repeated to continue educating viewers on these important topics.

Campaign video

Campaign video