General information

Sector: FMCG

Media: Linear TV, VOD, social media

Time period: Feb – August 2021

Case description

Qualitative and quantitative research amongst children and parents highlighted the role of kids as change agents in their families: their advocacy and example prompt more sustainable behaviours across the whole family. But the research also revealed that children often felt alone in their compassion for the natural world and helpless to effect real change - leading to a gap between intention and action. To overcome this, our future changemakers needed to see children, like themselves, empowered to make a difference. So, Persil wanted to normalise their compassion, helping children to recognise that they weren’t alone and inspiring them to act by showing them other ‘changemakers’ in action.

Persil was keen to find a credible brand partner to help land the campaign’s big creative idea: the Changemakers short film series. Mindshare teamed up with Sky Media — for its strong and authentic eco-credentials — and production company Recipe. Together, they created a branded content series that followed passionate young changemakers from across the UK. Each inspiring installment showed future changemakers that there are many others who share their compassion and that everyday actions can make a difference.

The Changemakers series celebrates three young changemakers from across the UK, highlighting a range of causes and how everyone can play a role. Fronted by Ashley Banjo, each 10-minute film, told from a young changemaker’s perspective, shows how taking simple eco actions and rolling up your sleeves to get dirty for good, can make a big difference. The content was aired on Sky’s TV, VOD and YouTube platforms and licensed to Sky Nature (a natural home for the partnership), which transmitted the series 136 times between programming after a bespoke, attention-grabbing “Sky Nature presents” intro.

With its commitment to eco-consciousness, Sky also included the content in several fame-building initiatives such as featuring it in #GameZero and in the World Ocean Day On Demand tile. We then created a robust media plan to maximise campaign assets for fame and engagement. Three 30-second ads (for linear and addressable TV) and a 60-second cutdown (for Sky’s Facebook channels) drove viewers to the full-length episodes on on-demand platforms, while Sky’s AdVance technology was tactically deployed in the second and third creative phases to retarget viewers of the first or second creative and reinforce the message in a digital environment.

Campaign results

The Changemaker partnership delivered real impact and engagement. It generated 89 million impacts across Sky’s linear channels and 9.1 million across VOD, reaching 1.4 million eco-conscious families using Addressable targeting via Adsmart from Sky.

Persil hit the category’s #1 spot for top-of-mind awareness and improved overall brand perception, notably that Persil is inspiring others to improve the environment. An increase in interest, comprehension, and positivity all helped position Persil as the leading brand to help tackle climate change behaviour in the detergent space, by encouraging kids to get outside and embrace Dirt for Good.

A brand study conducted by Sky Media’s Insight team revealed that over a third of respondents (34%) said the Sky Nature/Persil association made them more likely to think of buying a Persil product. And on the key metric of driving sustainable actions, the campaign really delivered, with 27% of parents saying that they would sign their children up to Persil’s Dirt is Good Project.

Campaign video