2023 Public Service Broadcasters’ Workshop





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This workshop was dedicated to Public Services Broadcasters’ sales houses to discuss their specific issues and challenges.

Public service broadcasters’ workshop

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00:00:00 – 00:27:40 PART 1

Market developments for radio and TV – the growth of radio in some markets.

  • Insisghts from the survey among PSBs.
  • Discussion about market trends and growth factors.

00:27:40 – 01:10:00 PART 2

Regulatory challenges and their impact on greater or lesser monetisation opportunities for your sales house.

  • The EBU shared inputs on their work on Artificial Intelligence (AI), from AI use cases to challenges and opportunities for Public Service Media. They also presented the transparency aspects on the EU regulatory AI Act.
  • ORF shared new regulation for PSB in Austria

01:10:00 – 01:23:00 PART 3

Sustainability and its impact on advertising.

01:23:00 – 01:40:00 PART 4

New programming and marketing strategies aimed at attracting both new audiences (younger) and advertisers (interested in more senior audiences).

01:40:00 – 01:49:00 Final discussion

Topic of accessibility and upcoming egta 50th anniversary