2023 Online Talk on making programmatic for radio a reality





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Insights on amy – the programmatic platform for radio: its functionalities and the booking process from the technical perspective, as well as hear from the radio companies using it.

amy – the new solution for radio from the German market

Nico Aprile, Managing Director, amy
Andreas Lang, Chief Executive Director, Studio Gong

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The new solution from the German market – amy – makes radio and audio easy to buy programmatically. It was inspired by the digital players with the aim to modernise and streamline the process of buying linear audio (FM and DAB+).This programmatic buying solution processes linear advertising bookings automatically and more efficiently, making audio campaigns even more attractive for advertisers. The new digital trading platform amy was officially launched by aprile consulting GmbH and is linked with the established advertising management system amily. The system is already in use by several German sales houses such as Studio Gong and Raudio.biz and has been tested on campaigns for GroupM and KFC.