2022 International Knowledge Exchange (June)





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Organised by the teams of egta, CIMM, EACA, IAB Europe and WFA, the International Knowledge Exchange enables discussions and insights about the latest measurement innovations, initiatives and solutions in the US and Europe.

  • Katty Roberfroid, Director General, egta
  • Jon Watts, Managing Director, CIMM
Agency perspectives on the US transition to a multi-currency TV market
  • Bharad Ramesh, Executive Director, Research & Investment Analytics, GroupM
  • Cara Lewis, Chief Investment Officer, dentsu international
  • David Campanelli, EVP, Chief Investment Officer, Horizon Media
How the sell-side is partnering to provide advertisers with an alternative currency to plan, transact and measure national media campaigns
  • Travis Scoles, SVP Advanced Advertising, Paramount
  • Jonathan Steuer, EVP of TV Strategy and Currency, VideoAmp
NMO – The new Dutch cross-media measurement: How this measurement project came about as a collaboration between existing media JICs, how it is rolling out, and what it will measure and how
  • Johan Smit, Director, PMA
  • Sjoerd Pennekamp, Director, SKO
CFlight in the UK: What it measures, how it sits among other market currencies, and how the main commercial broadcasters have collaborated around its adoption
  • Andrew McIntosh, Media Consultant and Project Manager for the pan-broadcaster CFlight collaboration in the UK