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Philips, ITV, Radio-Canada, France TV Publicité and Mediaplus shared various initiatives launched by their companies in the areas of corporate and social responsibility, and governance.

Reflecting Society Boosts Business. How diversity and inclusion can improve business results

Nathalie Nijhuis-Lam, Global Head of Sponsorship, Lead Inclusion and Diversity, Philips

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The presentation introduced Philips’ Global Brand D&I Vision, which sets out the brand’s ambition to be more progressive, representing audiences with dignity, authenticity and integrity.

The Impact of Feeling Seen. Why diverse advertising unites us and what media can do about it

Chris Goldson, Director of Commercial Marketing and Pitch Development, ITV

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ITV presented how it set out to explore how on-screen representation could be improved in their TV programming. As a sales house, ITV also wanted to commit to better on-screen representation during the commercial breaks. In 2021, they partnered with D&I media consultancy, Decka, and creative effectiveness specialists, System1, to commission a dedicated study for this purpose. The research looked at how audiences from both minority backgrounds and from a wider population group engage with more diverse and representative advertising.

Progress in Progress. Why TV and radio can and should set the agenda for a more diverse and inclusive society

Yolande James, Executive Director, Diversity and Inclusion, Radio-Canada

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The five pillars of Radio Canada’s Progress in Progress commitments are as follows:

  • Choosing EDI (Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) – embedding these principles in an authentic and meaningful way, e.g. through recruitment and talent retention
  • Content for all – ensuring diverse audiences are seen and heard through a wide variety of content and on a broad range of issues
  • Workplace culture – creating a workplace environment that brings everybody into the fold
  • Connected to communities – building partnerships and collaborations with all communities
  • Straightforward communication – transparent and authentic conversations that build trust and accountability
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With the participation of: Philips, ITV and Radio-Canada

Committing to Sustainability and Social Responsibility. How a sales house should put sustainability at the centre of its commercial offer

Valérie Falciola-Borel, Deputy Marketing Director, France TV Publicité

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The presentation focused on the three main axes of France Télévision’s approach to sustainability:

  • Editorial – inform, educate and raise awareness
  • Internal – reduce carbon footprint and mobile / involve employees, suppliers and partners
  • Commercial offers – supporting clients to explain and promote their actions
A Green GRP. Climate neutrality: A model to calculate the carbon footprint of an ad campaign

Andrea Malgara, Managing Partner, Mediaplus

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MediaPlus presented its Green GRP initiative and the methodology in place that allows for the carbon offsetting of media campaigns. The carbon footprint is calculated through a unique methodology for each media type, e.g. linear TV, digital, and online audio, and emissions are calculated considering country-specific factors. 

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With the participation of: FTP and Mediapuls