2022 Online Talk on FAST channels





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In this Online Talk, Veed Analytics explored the business opportunities related to the monetisation of FAST channels for TV companies.

FAST: monetisation strategies for Tv companies

Bernd Riefler, Founder and CEO, VEED Analytics

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In this Online Talk, Veed focused on:

  • Current mapping and future outlook for FAST channels in the total video ecosystem (in Europe, U.S., rest of the world).
  • FAST as the new linear: is FAST eating the linear advertising cake?
  • Understanding the distribution pipelines of FAST channels.
  • The challenges of launching and running FAST channels.
  • Focus on monetisation & opportunities for TV companies: how FAST platforms generate new revenue streams.
  • The role of user experience, data and precise targeting in the FAST space.
  • What is ahead for FAST services and the missing elements to fully grasp the opportunity?