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Iligo, DPG Media and Accenture Song explored factors that may help radio and audio companies boost the creativity of ads, leading to more monetisation opportunities.

Insights from Iligo

Olivier Goulet, CEO and Founder, iligo

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Iligo presented key insights from a study Listen&Feel commissioned by NRJ and conducted by the research agency iligo. The objective was to combine declarative and passive ways to measure rational and emotional responses triggered by listeners exposed to radio advertising campaigns.

Insights from DPG Media

Manu De Coninck, Audio-visual Sales Expert, DPG Media

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DPG shared several examples of their creative partnerships:

  • A big car giveaway when every caller who managed to call into the studio received a car.
  • Dela case was an innovative cross-media campaign, that addressed a sensitive topic – grief and loss. It allowed the client, a specialist in funeral assistance and insurance, to break a major taboo – death and saying farewell to a loved one.
  • For the new Samsung phone launch DPG launched a contest for a stuntman being featured in a commercial entirely shot with the new phone.
Insights from Accenture Song

Paul Wauters, Executive Creative Director, Accenture Song

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Accenture focused on how radio companies can help brands make better use of data and research to boost creativity of their radio and audio ads.