2022 Market Intelligence Meeting (Radio; Part 1)





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The event offers focused on the latest developments in radio audience measurement.

Radio, streaming and podcasts: trends and forecasts of ad revenues and listeners

Sa Eva Nébié, Head of research, Dataxis

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Dataxis database covers a wide range of key indicators for radio & podcast industry. Their analysis helps understand the radio market structure through the tracking of digital and traditional advertising revenues as well as market structure evolution. These data sets are completed by forecasts allowing to graspthe dynamics that will be shaping markets in the coming years.

The Infinite Dial – Insights into the digital media consumer behaviour and comparisons between markets

Larry Rosin, President, Edison Research

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Infinite Dial from Edison Research offers an excellent comparison of consumption trends across markets and shows the changing listening habits and growing popularity of podcasts and smart speakers.

EAR – new audience measurement study in France

Julien Rosanvallon, Executive Vice President, Médiamétrie

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Médiamétrie has launched a new radio audience measurement called EAR (Etude Audience Radio) in September 2021. The objective was to have a study that is more economical, sustainable, precise for publishers (with more granularity and focus on digital audience) and scalable. The study is based on an optimised CATI survey and a portable automatic audience meter.

RAJAR’s return – new and enhanced methodology in the UK

Jerry Hill, Chief Executive Officer, RAJAR

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Due to Covid, RAJAR had to pause their data collection and re-evaluate their methodology. After analysing various options, they decided to implement a hybrid model with passive electronic measurement supplementing diary panel and F2F diary. Going forward the methodology will remain hybrid of diary and electronic measurement.

Innovations and hybrid measurement

Paul Ruston, Business Development Director, MediaCell, Ipsos

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MediaCell, Ipsos’ passive electronic measurement is moving forward the evolution of radio measurement on several markets. It also helped resolve measurement issues that arose from the pandemic.

Update on the development of a new podcast ranker in Germany

Jan Isenbart, Chief Research Officer, ARD MEDIA GmbH and Board Member Radio/Audio, agma

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The new agma podcast ranker brings a much-needed independent podcast figures that will be beneficial both for publishers and advertises.