General information

Sector: Clothing

Media: Linear TV

Time period: July 2022

Case description

n July 2022, in cooperation with Kingfluencers, the Swiss agency for influencer and digital-influence marketing, Admeira, launched the “influencer spot” – a new TV ad format for brands. This new advertising format demonstrated that it can maximize social media campaigns cost-effectively thanks to the unequaled reach generated by TV. By cost-efficiently boosting the KPIs, the influencer spot can be seen as an innovative performance marketing tool, which maximizes the ROI of every campaign and takes influencer marketing to a completely new level.

This new format was implemented for Ochsner Shoes – the number one high-quality shoe retailer on the Swiss market. In the TV spot, two Swiss influencers take the central stage, in short, high-paced, 15 to 20-second spots. The format inspired itself from the portrait format that one can see in the “stories” on social media, mentioning also the handle of the influencer’s account, thus bridging the TV and the social media world creatively together. The “Influencer spot” can be broadcasted in the regular ad blocks and on the private channels in Admeira’s portfolio.

The benefits of the Influencer spot are that the video content can be taken 1:1 from a brand’s existing influencer campaigns, which helps reduce production costs. The empty space created by using the portrait format on TV can be used to overlay products and discount codes or for additional branding. At the same time, the spot appeals particularly to the young target group, which is still very active on TV in Switzerland (15- to 29-year-olds in Switzerland spend around 108 minutes a day in front of the TV set), on top of the time they spend on social networks.

This new ad format was created by Admeira. These spots can be booked easily in Admeira’s Publiplan booking tool as a main spot, with one or two reminders. Regular gross prices apply.

Admeira also offers special options for this format: a premium placement can be booked – for example, positioning the ad first or last in the ad block – in order to generate higher attention.

The format is intended for short-term sales and should reduce the disruption between tv and online with the use of the QR code. The QR code is a design option for a promotion to quickly get to the online shop.

Campaign results

After just one week with 26 spot broadcasts, the campaign was seen by more than one million TV viewers in German-speaking Switzerland. Ochsner Shoes’ aims were successfully achieved: positioning the brand with a young target group and increasing awareness of the Ochsner Shoes brand. Moreover, the campaign generated many positive reactions among customers.

Campaign video