General information

Sector: FMCG

Media: Linear TV, online (AVOD/SVOD), influencer marketing, OOH

Time period: February – May 2022

Case description

The aim of the campaign was to launch the new premium flavour of the ice cream brand Nuii. The client wanted to introduce the different flavours of the product to a wide audience in a meaningful and attractive way. The collaboration between the reality TV show, Survivor, and Nuii was a perfect match that allowed the brand to be associated with the thirst for adventure.

The sponsorship of Nuii ice creams lasted throughout the whole broadcast period of Survivor. During the show, different creatives were displayed highlighting different Nuii flavours and connecting the brand with a sense of nature, freedom and adventure. During the emotional finale of Survivor, a big Nuii ice cream sign was integrated digitally, in an animated way, behind the backs of the participants sitting amongst nature.

A week before the premiere of the Nuii ice cream commercial, the audience had a preview of the presence of the Nuii brand in the show by being presented with a brand overlay format during the weather forecast before the Central News. bTV used focus points from the brand’s communication for a verbal integration during the weather forecast while the brand logo appeared in the background.

The Nuii ice cream commercial was launched in a premium exclusive ad break – it was a unique ad followed only by a self-promo spot from bTV. It boasted the first and only position in the commercial break. A special transition effect was used to ensure a smooth transition to the advertisement. After the premiere of the video, the ad was also shown across various bTV programs at different time slots.

The campaign was developed by the Special Sales Project Unit at the Sales Department at bTV Bulgaria in a direct client communication. This was one of many special projects developed for the client Froneri. The Media and Client have a long history of executing out-of-the-box campaigns in which the client uses new instruments and naturally this time they relied on the partnership for their product launch.

Campaign results

The client was thrilled with the results. Testimonial from the client:<...> the collaboration between Survivor and NUII (our new premium brand) was the perfect supportive campaign in the year of the launch. The brand personality and nature of the product match perfectly with the Survivor storytelling to challenge yourself to explore the new and unknown. We are very happy that we found common ground and enough synergies to promote the brand for the first time even in the promo videos of the show, which allows the brand to stand out in a natural way. I believe that we continue building the foundations of a successful and long-term cooperation, which will lead to an even more efficient and memorable experience for all our customers. Alexander Kotev, Regional Group Brand Manager, Froneri Bulgaria.

Campaign video 1

Campaign video 2