NRJ measures sponsorship effectiveness during the NRJ Global Summer Tour

October 17, 2023

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For two weeks in August 2023, NRJ Global organized an epic Summer tour, made up of “NRJ Villages” all around the French coast. NRJ partnered with several brands including Basic-Fit, O2, La Poste Mobile, insurance MAAF as well as non-profit organisation Petits Freres de Pauvres for the campaign and measured the satisfaction of the audiences on-site as well as the impact of the brand partnerships.

The concept

The NRJ Summer Tour took place alongside the entire French coast and ended on August 14, after 10 sessions in seaside towns all the way from the Mediterranean to the beaches in the North. An NRJ village of 800m2 was set up in each of the 10 towns, with free entertainment focused on relaxation, shows, concerts, and gifts. All the sponsors offered fun animations, games, competitions and live experiences on-site for everyone from children to adults.

Measuring the success of the event sponsorship

Thanks to a solution developed by Bilendi & respondi, NRJ Global directly measured the satisfaction of the public present and the impact of the sponsorship partner activations. NRJ Global deployed a Bilendi Discuss query solution via WhatsApp, which made it possible to capture the feedback of the audiences present in the villages in a fun way and interact with them by being as close as possible to the consumer experience. NRJ Global also interviewed the public who came to enjoy the NRJ animations and the stands of the brand partners.

The campaign was promoted heavily on social media platforms such as Instagram as well as via the OOH campaign.

NRJ Summer Tour 2023

Results – event sponsorship works

The event was a great success among all the participants as proven by the on-site survey with 99% of participants saying they were satisfied. They particularly appreciated the atmosphere – ‘’The NRJ Summer Tour is something to experience at least once in life’’.

All the partner stands were very well noticed and appreciated, with 93% visibility and 92% approval. The attendees highlighted the fun and informative aspects of the proposed activities: “It was great. I really liked the partner stands that offered us games”, and “Very nice, fun, and informative workshops”. Overall, 76% of participants said they were more likely to consider the brand after seeing the animation.

The promo campaign for the event worked very well, 89% of the attendees had heard about the tour via radio, social networks, or via the internet (67%). On top of that, 19% have heard about it via the tourism office and 15% via friends and relatives. The event managed to attract large audiences and whole families, with 61% of participants aged 25 to 59.