Vevo, the music video network, and UK broadcaster Channel 4 have issued the findings of a joint study, "Retaining Trust and Quality in a Sea of Content". The survey involved 1000 British consumers aged 16-40 who regularly consume video content. The prime objectives of the study were to identify and quantify the factors that enhance the value of ads within "fit for TV" content on YouTube.

The closer, the better

The study unveils that advertisers benefit in at least three significant ways from being adjacent to premium content:

  1. Audiences are more eager to consume premium content in superior environments and accept seeing ads as part of the organic experience.
  2. Premium content is 3.2 times more likely to be viewed on a TV than non-premium content. Premium makes watching an enjoyable, relatable, engaging, and relaxing activity as viewers tend to spend more time doing it jointly with their family and friends, in this way also enhancing reach, engagement and reception.
  3. The bigger screen experience in a comfortable setting makes viewers open to and expecting of ads.

In the light of the halo

Viewers are more likely to have a positive emotional response to premium publisher content, which creates a positive halo effect on advertising brands. The study reported nearly a 50% increase in people who liked or loved "fit for TV" content compared to non-premium content, leading to higher levels of attention paid to ads and a greater likelihood of considering the brand in the future.

Ads in "fit for TV" content were considered more enjoyable and shareable, with 62% of respondents stating they enjoyed the ad when they liked or loved the surrounding content. This also resulted in enhanced impressions of the ad brand, with 61% recalling their favourite ad being within premium content. No surprise here, as we like – we share!

In premium we trust

The study shows that premium also increases value and trustworthiness. Brands advertising with premium publishers are perceived as more luxurious, with proven value, credibility, and trustworthiness.

Trust and believability metrics doubled when an ad was found within premium content, while negative connotations for the brand decreased significantly. The quality and desirability of brands also saw a significant boost within premium environments.

Overall, advertising brands are expected to be of higher quality when situated within "fit for TV" content, creating a strong link and an association between the quality of ads and the content they are placed within.

The research findings emphasise the importance of premium content environments for advertisers, as they enhance brand perception, engagement, and trust, ultimately contributing to more effective and successful advertising campaigns.


"Since the launch of 4Studio, our social content production and distribution arm, we've built a significant presence across a number of tech platforms. We've achieved this by distributing both established TV content and original content through new channels such as 4.0. It's been a learning curve understanding how to cut through and find new audiences, but we wanted to team up with a globally established expert like Vevo, who shared our production values and standards. Our objective was to gain a better understanding of the benefits on offer to advertisers through accessing TV content within these new environments vs all the other video content available," added David Amodio, Deputy Head of Digital Innovation and 4Studio, Channel 4.