General information

Sector: FMCG

Media: Linear TV, VOD

Time period: September-October 2022 (7 weeks)

Case description

It is critical to capture consumers’ attention and to create mental availability for brands. So, PepsiCo set out to explore with its partners the extent to which technology can be used to cut through the clutter and make the brand stand out. Mirriad technology allows brands to dynamically insert their products seamlessly into content scenes, created new and customised product placement moments that do not get in the way of consumers and the content they love. Brands around Europe have tried this technology in the last years, and Lay’s was now determined to seize this opportunity with DPG and RTL too*. Virtual product placement is an excellent solution for clients who have a great fit with a show but weren’t part of the production process before the show was shot, allowing for a smooth and qualitative post-production integration.

With this campaign, Lay’s (PepsiCo) wanted to create situational salience for their Lays Max product. The campaign was designed with the intention to create connections with TV viewers via several product placement moments in different situations, combined with a billboard presence around the programme to enforce these product placement moments and build brand awareness.

They did this by featuring in one of the most highly-rated programmes on RTL TVI, L’amour est dans le pré, which in 2022 celebrated its best season start ever.

With the fragmentation of entertainment options consumers have more choices than ever and maintaining reach for advertisers is an increasing challenge globally. Gaining extra reach without the excessive frequency has huge value. Content is proven across markets as a solution to gaining extra reach beyond traditional TV spot breaks.

Campaign results

With short turnaround times, Mirriad together with RTL Belgium & DPG* media were able to schedule in-content advertising and create a successful collaboration. The client was very satisfied about a first collaboration in 2021, where studies showed the positive effects of this way of working and, therefore, decided to repeat a similar campaign in 2022.

Studies have shown that this type of creative exposure (as it is each time a different situation) was unique and, therefore, reduced any irritated feeling from excessive frequency amongst consumers. It is also very powerful to combine in-programme presence with the billboarding around the programme, driving brand awareness.

Figures from L’amour est dans le pré 2022, which saw its best season start in 14 years: 37.4% market share on T 18-54 / 34% market share on the difficult to reach TV target T 15-34.


* NB: DPG acquired IP/RTL Belgium in 2022.

Campaign video