Lancôme branded podcast Skin Stories

December 12, 2021

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General information

Sector: Cosmetics

Media: Radio, Podcast

Time period: 2021

Case description

Lancôme and Radio Monte Carlo created together SKIN STORIES, a podcast dedicated to secrets and innovation around skin and skincare, led by renowned dermatologists and make-up artists. What role does skin play in scientific research and what are the new frontiers of skincare? What are the steps for a perfect skincare routine? Is it important to take care of your skin if you want to achieve flawless makeup?

The perception of aging has also undergone an evolution: how important is skin care in fighting the signs of aging? These are the skin-related questions that were tackled within the show with the goal to inform, inspire and surprise listeners.

The project was accompanied by weekly segments within the radio programme on Radio Monte Carlo “Due come noi” where the actress Chiara Francini lead discussions with dermatologists and make-up artists. These interviews, in an extended version with additional insights into the topics heard on the radio, were then made available as podcast episodes. The podcast series was distributed across all major podcast platforms and within a dedicated section of the Radio Monte Carlo and Lancôme websites.

Branded audio billboards promoting the podcast were placed on Radio Monte Carlo.

Creative minds and campaign executors

The project was a cooperation between Radio Monte Carlo, Lancome and Digitalia’s Brand On Solutions