General information

Sector: Banking Services, Automotive, Food & Beverage (Clients: Intesa Sanpaolo, Gruppo Koelliker, Latteria Soresina, Consorzio di Tutela IGP Patata del Fucino, Consorzio Pecorino Romano)

Media: Linear TV, BVOD

Time period: January to March 2022 (6 weeks)

Case description

Linea Verde Explora is Rai Pubblicità's innovative branded content series that is dedicated to the promotion of the Italian territory. The two hosts of the show - Federico Quaranta (face and voice of sustainability programmes in Rai) and Angela Rafanelli (well-known Italian radio-television presenter and author) are travelling throughout Italy and are showcasing tourist places with a focus on a gastronomic culture. At the same time, they are tackling issues related to environmental protection, eco-sustainability and ecological innovation.

The main sponsor of the programme was the banking Group Intesa Sanpaolo. During the show, various initiatives were highlighted on how the company is supporting the regional agricultural business by safeguarding local crafts and products. Each episode contained also different narrative on the territorial sponsors of the show – Latteria Soresina, Consorzio di Tutela IGP Patata del Fucino and Consorzio del Pecorino Romano. Another sponsor of the programme was the car importer Koelliker Group that focuses on a new generation of electric, connected and intelligent vehicles. To highlight this technology, the hosts of the show were travelling using 100% electric Aiways U5 model and a plug-in hybrid 4x4 Mitsubishi Eclipse PHEV from Mitsubishi Motors.

Each of the brands were selected to be on the show for their values, product quality, respect for the territory and noble supply chain. They were each showcased with beautiful, high quality images filmed in the style of a travel reportage but featuring both the electric car traveling from one domain to the other, as well as the local food producers and experts. Italians are very proud of their local gastronomy – therefore creating a highly likable format that is both instructive and makes the viewer proud. The Branded Content was produced and designed by the production company Siri Video in collaboration with Rai Pubblicità.

Campaign results

With an average audience of about 1.5 million viewers and a 13.5% market share, the second edition of Linea Verde Explora was reconfirmed and will be aired next October 2022. Intesa Sanpaolo reconfirmed its partnership with the show.

Campaign video