On October 16, 2023, M6 Publicité unveiled Cé6lia (pronounced Cécilia), a groundbreaking intelligent assistant designed to cater to all inquiries about the M6 Group and its advertising solutions. This innovative addition to their digital ecosystem is set to transform the way information is accessed within the media and advertising industry.

Cé6lia's primary objective is to provide comprehensive and customized responses to a broad spectrum of questions about the M6 Group, its diverse programs, and the advertising solutions offered by M6 Publicité. Whether you're curious about Top Chef's audience, contemplating the advantages of TV advertising, or seeking details on radio's 20-second format index, Cé6lia has the answers. This intelligent assistant also extends its capabilities to furnish information on video and audio terms and conditions, corporate social responsibility commitments, the legal underpinnings of the advertising market, and a plethora of other topics.

To access Cé6lia, all you need to do is visit m6pub.fr. Powered by the cutting-edge generative AI technology of Chat GPT 3.5 from Open AI, Cé6lia promises a conversational experience that is engaging, informative, and tailored to each user. It is designed to cater to advertisers, agencies, potential clients, and even M6 Publicité's employees. This commitment to accessibility and innovation marks a significant stride in enhancing the quality of their services.

Maxime André, Marketing, Innovation, and Communication Director at M6 Publicité, aptly summarizes the impact of Cé6lia, saying, "With Cé6lia, access to our essential information is now remarkably simple, whether you are a prospect or a media expert looking for details on the M6 Group's advertising offering. This new intelligent assistant embodies our constant commitment to innovation and represents a key step in our strategy to improve the accessibility of our services."

Cé6lia is not static but continually evolving. This intelligent assistant is dedicated to offering increasingly exhaustive, pertinent, and comprehensive responses to all inquiries. It operates with the highest standards of privacy and security, ensuring that user interactions remain anonymous and that no data is collected by M6 Publicité.

It's important to note that the answers provided by Cé6lia are informative and engaging, but they do not constitute binding commitments on the part of M6 Publicité.

In conclusion, Cé6lia's arrival is a milestone in making vital information about the M6 Group and its advertising solutions more accessible than ever. As it evolves, it's poised to redefine how information is accessed within the media and advertising landscape while upholding strict standards of anonymity and data security.