General information

Sector: D2C

Media: Radio, digital and digital audio

Time period: 2021


Case description

InspectaCar (a used car dealership) wanted to drive leads and awareness through an integrated audio campaign. The client’s objectives were to achieve measurable digital leads, increase footfall, and obtain first-party data insights. They also wanted to track consumer awareness pre and post campaign and use radio to drive engagement online.

Mediamark put in place a multi-platform campaign using the Jacaranda FM ecosystem integrating radio, digital and digital audio. Pre- and post-campaign surveys conducted by SoundInsights allowed Inspectacar to gauge brand awareness, highlight key USPs, identify potential car buyers and attribute purchase influence.

The campaign ran for 2 weeks on-air in addition to a social media competition during the breakfast show. Listeners could win cash for a car loan instalment. The client made use of the presenter’s ability to build trust and emotional connections through effective storytelling. Geo-targeted digital audio was rolled out at the same time with tailored companion banners driving consumers to local InspectaCar branches.

Radio was a formidable driving force to amplify a traditionally digital-first space for this client. Using an integrated approach, this campaign was able to reach listeners wherever they were, providing reach and frequency across mediums.

Campaign results

The campaign was a success with an excellent listen-through rate of 91% for the digital audio ads. 90% of SoundInsights respondents said they would like InspectaCar to contact them delivering actionable insights.

InspectaCar was a digital-only company and through the first-party data and digital audio campaign Mediamark was able to convert them to radio and grow the client’s business as well as their own FM Revenue.

Campaign video