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Flock x ISBA: Reframing Accessible Advertising

ISBA and Flock have jointly introduced REFRAME, a guide designed to assist marketers in seamlessly integrating accessibility into their advertising campaigns.

The guide's overarching goal is to inspire all advertisers to prioritize accessibility in their briefs, with the ultimate aim of fostering an accessible audio-visual advertising ecosystem by June 2024. This initiative is a response to compelling statistics, highlighting that in the UK alone, there are 12 million individuals who are deaf, experience hearing loss, or suffer from tinnitus. Notably, four out of five individuals aged 18–25 opt to use accessible features, such as subtitles, either consistently or intermittently. Brands that neglect to incorporate accessibility features in their advertising risk excluding substantial portions of the population.

In pursuit of this objective, Flock has engaged with key industry stakeholders to gather insights, advice, and best practices. These contributions have played a pivotal role in shaping the rationale for change, offering real-world case studies, and compiling a toolkit. This toolkit includes both short and long-term actions that marketers should contemplate when formulating their strategies to make advertising more accessible for individuals with auditory or visual impairments.

Click here to access the Reframe toolkit

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