General information

Sector: Retail

Media: VOD platform, socail media

Time period: 2 - 5 July 2022

Case description

As part of the global partnership between the Euratechnologies incubator and the France Télévisions Group, and as part of FranceTV Publicité's innovation strategy, the advertising network has been sponsoring and supporting a start-up called Play'Ads – specialised in the gamification mechanisms –since 2020, with the ambition of revolutionising advertising through games.

The Play'Ads experience immerses consumers in a ‘phygital’ universe (hybrid between digital and physically on the ground) through a life-size adventure game (treasure hunt, orienteering race, etc.) in the heart of strategic city locations, thus mixing experiential, social interaction, proximity, humanisation, and positive emotions.

The Tour de France 2022 was an opportunity for FranceTV Publicité to seal its partnership with Play'Ads and to offer a new advertising concept, "Let's Play by FranceTV Publicité", which was in line with the advertising sale house’s strategic priorities: diversification, proximity, local and experiential.

E. Leclerc, a major partner of the Tour de France, took advantage of this new offer to communicate in an innovative and differentiating way, boosting traffic to stores by being as close as possible to its local audience during the Tour de France in Lille. This unique and unprecedented ‘phygital’ experience combined digital web app, field operations and regional/local media coverage.

The operation entitled "In Pursuit of the Polka Dot Jersey" allowed the inhabitants of Lille to participate in a life-size orienteering race within the city. They had to find the four polka-dot jerseys in the form of bike lights spread throughout the city in order to win two tickets to attend the arrival of the Tour de France on the Champs Elysées, as well as a polka-dot jersey signed by the best climber of the season.

Campaign results

This FranceTV Publicité innovation created a real human adventure in the heart of a city and a E.Leclerc store.

Much more than an advertising device, this gamified ‘phygital’ experience boosted all impact KPIs in terms of visibility, engagement and proximity. Let's Play by FranceTV Publicité was also a great way to create a brand experience around strong positive human and sports values.

- 1.2 million geotargeted and ultra-local impressions

- 18 minutes spent on average on the web app

- 1300 scans of QR codes

- More than 1/3 of the participants went to the end of the 6km adventure

- 65% of finishers discovered the store thanks to the game

Campaign video