TF1 PUB teams up with Snapchat for the return of a hit TV show

November 25, 2022

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Background information

In this week’s egtabite we introduce an example of how broadcasters are partnering with social media companies in order to expand their reach and offering. In France, TF1 PUB has teamed up with Snapchat for the distribution of content from the reality TV show Star Academy. The partnership is part of TF1 Group’s Full Video strategy, which aims to appeal to younger audiences across devices, whether content is watched on linear or on demand, at home or elsewhere. The sales partnership with Snapchat enables monetisation opportunities of the new video inventory on the social platform.

Star Academy is a French reality show first aired in 2001. It includes a daily broadcast in access prime-time as well as prime-time show on Saturday night. It was hugely popular, especially among the younger generations, and is now making its return after ten years of absence. In line with the evolved viewing habits, the new season will benefit from a multi-screen approach by TF1, with content available on TF1, the MYTF1 BVOD platform, and also on Snapchat. The content will thus reach its audience, whether they are nostalgic early fans or social media-savvy young adults.

Incremental reach through social media

In France, Snapchat is extremely popular, especially among young people. The app has over 18 million daily active users, including 72% of people under 34. Star Academy content will be specifically produced for the social media app. Brands thus have an opportunity to reach audiences on Snapchat around TF1’s premium content.

Whilst the TV screen remains the most unifying device for audiences, TV programs are being deployed across all screens. “Today, there are multitude of possibilities for viewers to watch the programs of the TF1 Group,” says Philippe Boscher, Deputy Marketing Director at TF1 PUB. “Our content is now consumed in every universe, whether its linear or digital, at home or away. With the Snapchat partnership agreement, we are offering brands the opportunity to be even closer to their consumers and benefit from incremental reach around the same content,” he adds.

A widening playing field for brands

This means a wider playing field for brands that communicate around TF1’s premium programs, including on TV and on MYTF1, which has 27 million users, as well as on YouTube and now Snapchat. “The approach allows us to reach the nostalgic people on TF1 or MYTF1 but also a whole generation that does not know the Star Academy yet,” Philippe explains. The multi-screen approach is also being developed for other TF1 programs such as Télefoot, 50’ Inside and Vendredi tout est permis.

“The TF1 advertising offer has been considerably enriched with digital, allowing brands to take advantage of our content over longer periods. For example, Stromae’s video on TF1’s 20-hour newscast generated over 13 million views on YouTube. Another program, Télefoot, has nearly 413 million views in total,” Philippe says. “These new inventories, marketed by TF1 PUB through exclusive sponsorship offers, guarantee advertisers optimised targeting to young people through 100% brand safe insertions.”

TF1 also offers other solutions to target younger audiences, including on its AVOD and through segmented TV, which is becoming increasingly popular among brands. “Television still has many arrows for its bow in order to reach young people,” Philippe concludes.