Background information

Radio egtabites are back after a summer break with a creative campaign by an FMCG brand from South Africa that engaged fans both on-air and online. This and other amazing creative cases can be found in the second volume of egtas's collection of creative radio & audio campaigns.

Case description

The South African snack brand Simba wanted to increase awareness of its various flavoured snacks. In partnership with YFM’s Creative Solutions and Digital departments and a creative agency, Simba took an unusual approach to drive engagement – by voting away one of the flavours of their chips. Given the absence of a competition element or prize incentive, YFM designed a mechanic to encourage frictionless, in-stream voting on Twitter. By using the hashtag #SaveYourFlava, listeners were encouraged to retweet, like or comment on the presenters posts congruent to the flavour they wanted to save.

YFM’s radio hosts also played an active role in the campaign as well as social media influencers. Three shows were selected to participate in the campaign, each was allocated a specific flavour to root for. Listeners needed to support the show and flavour to ensure that the flavour with the most engagement would not be removed from the production.

The radio hosts engaged and participated on-air as well as with video content distributed on social media – including videos where hosts went to the store to buy every available bag of their favourite flavoured snack

Campaign video

Pricing and package

A bespoke package was created, which included a mix of promos, spots, content moments, challenges on-air between the presenters, social media campaign, production, endorsement fees for the presenters, production for the radio promos and activation costs for the fun challenges against each other. All costs were included in the package, no additional costs were incurred by the client or YFM.


Campaign results

The Simba promotion worked exceptionally well on the radio station. The presenters embraced the campaign and set out to rally their fans to vote for their favourite flavour. Listeners were very engaged with the content and interacted well with the campaign videos and posts from YFM, showing support and voting for their favourite flavour. All shows performed fun stunts which created awareness and hype around the campaign.

Campaign video