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Background information

In this egtabite we head to France, where TF1 PUB teamed up with Orange France, a telco operator, to harness the power of Addressable TV (ATV) by specifically targeting the famously hard-to-reach viewers who don’t regularly watch TV. A study conducted by TF1 PUB demonstrates the potential that ATV has in maximising reach across TV advertising campaigns by reaching light-TV viewers.

The framework for the study was built using the Orange set-top box universe as a base, a total of over 2 million eligible Addressable TV set-top boxes. The Addressable TV spot used for the study excluded the primetime window (8 p.m. to 11 p.m.) and aimed to target households with low TV consumption. The linear TV campaign reached 602 GRP for the 25-49 target group* and the Addressable TV campaign achieved 1.3 million impressions amongst light-TV viewers.

Big boost from Addressable

The total campaign reach climbed to 82.5%. While the linear campaign made up the majority of ad exposures, 17.8% of viewers were served the Addressable TV campaign. By using Addressable to specifically target lighter-TV viewers, the campaign generated an incremental reach of 4.7%, composed of those viewers who were exposed to the Addressable ad exclusively. When looking at the campaign results, we see that 11% of households who were underexposed or not exposed to the linear TV campaign were reached by the Addressable TV campaign.

Chart illustrating the structure of delivered addressable impressions

The addressable TV campaign generated 4.7% in incremental reach. TF1 PUB recently published the main results of its study and they can be downloaded here.

Furthermore, the TF1 Group contributed strongly to the incremental reach in terms of the impressions delivered, TF1 Group represented 53% of the incremental reach but only 30% of Addressable TV impressions. When age groups are analysed, TF1 Group delivers many more ATV contacts to viewers under the age of 50.

Chart illustrating the ATV campaign's performance

What became abundantly clear in the study is that targeting light-TV viewers through Addressable TV is very effective in maximizing the reach of video campaigns. And the potential is huge, as 62% of Addressable reach is composed of viewers who are either underexposed or not exposed at all to linear TV. This potential is expected to grow even further, with primetime integration possible since summer 2021 and the current 2.6 million eligible set-top boxes set to increase, expanding the total targetable viewer base even further in France. 

*Source: Mediametrie-Mediamat