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Background information

In this week’s egtabite we put the spotlight on The Global TV Group’s latest initiatives and highlight how sales houses and TV companies can take advantage of the Group's plentiful resources when promoting TV as an advertising medium.

For those unfamiliar, The Global TV Group is a grouping of broadcasters' and sales houses' trade bodies in Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia and Latin America, with egta as the main coordinator of the Group. Its objective is to promote television and remind advertisers, journalists, tech gurus, agencies and industry peers about the effectiveness and unmatched power of TV. And to that point, look no further than to some of the key projects of 2021. 

The Global TV Deck

The Global TV Deck compiles data and facts from across the world, presented in an easy-to-use slide deck. The slides are nickable, i.e. you can pick the slides to use that fits your purpose. The latest update of the deck reveals how direct-to-consumer companies, known for being data-driven and representing the fastest-growing, most successful brands today, are some of the biggest TV spenders globally. It also shows in hard figures how the FAAAM, which stands for Facebook, Amazon, Alphabet (Google's parent company) and Microsoft, recognise TV as a valuable means of driving growth and use it more than ever to communicate.

Another update of the Global TV Deck in 2021 also demonstrates why these companies and others choose TV as an advertising medium – namely the unmatched scale of TV, needed to grow brands’ customer base. The slide deck comprises data from 27 markets on TV’s reach and total video consumption – establishing TV as the most powerful medium.

Lastly, the first update of the deck in 2021 arms advertisers with the latest TV effectiveness evidence. By gathering research summaries from various countries, the collection illustrates how TV drives business outcomes and provides businesses with the best leverage for their marketing activities.

The meaningful insights gathered by the Global TV Group strikingly showcase that companies of all shapes and sizes embrace TV to catapult their brands to fame. Brands born on the internet and online giants alike put their trust and ad dollars in our medium – and this new compilation of industry-audited data allows us to look beyond our boundaries and see that this trend holds true across the globe,” says Katty Roberfroid, Director General of egta.

A world tour with CEOs and TV industry leaders

What makes TV special, how is it evolving and how does it help brands drive business? To answer these questions and more, egta and the Global TV Group reached out to 23 CEOs and TV industry leaders to collect the key arguments for TV with short, easy-to-digest video statements. A compilation of the videos was premiered during this year’s Online TalkTomorrow’s TV, created Today – celebrating the 25th anniversary of World TV Day on 21 November. The video and all the individual statements are available here – a virtual compendium with arguments outlining the strengths of TV today!

Adaptable TV spot

On the same occasion, the Group released a 30-second TV spot, showing how television has evolved to become much more than it used to be and is now available anywhere at any time for anyone. Broadcasters around the world adapted the clip’s message to local languages, amplifying the message. As the clip is adaptable, it can also be used in a larger context, to promote TV as a modern, dynamic, ever-evolving and trusted medium that beats all the other. We welcome you to adapt the clip and use it for multitude of different purposes such as PR, conferences, to open a pitch or any other settings.

For more information about the Global TV Group, we invite you to have a look at https://www.theglobaltvgroup.com/.