The background

UCOOK is a meal kit delivery service that allows customers to order and receive weekly chef-designed meal kits. UCOOK is an established brand in South Africa, especially in bigger cities like Cape Town and Johannesburg. The brand wanted to establish its presence in other parts of the country, specifically the KZN province around Durban.

UCOOK turned to East Coast Radio (part of Mediamark’s portfolio) - the Number 1 hit music station in the KZN region - with a listenership of just over 1 million listeners. The brand had not advertised in the KZN region before, so this campaign was key to determining the appetite for a service like UCOOK and the potential to bring in new users in the region.

Cross-media integrated campaign

East Coast Radio (ECR) and its sales house Mediamark wanted to think outside the box and launch a creative multichannel campaign. The key objectives of the campaign were to create brand awareness and drive sign-ups for UCOOK across a four-week period.

The campaign used a variety of themes to create various potential connection points to listeners. Across the four weeks, each chosen ECR radio presenter drove the campaign messaging by offering to cook dinner with the prize winners as part of the prize experience. The winners got to prepare a UCOOK dinner with their favourite radio presenter, on top of the chance to win UCOOK vouchers for themselves. Listeners were excited to enter the competition and fall in love with cooking again, not to mention the chance of cooking with a much-loved radio presenter.

The competition as content

Advertisers are seeing the value of innovative competitions as part of content creation. If the station manages to weave a narrative around the competition idea, listeners are more inclined to enter or care about who wins, which automatically means exposure for the sponsor. Andrew Campbell, Creative director at Mediamark, commented “A content-based creative was conceptualised where listeners could win the chance to cook dinner for their favourite East Coast Radio presenters. Because UCOOK provides their customers with exactly the right quantity of ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions to prepare the meal, listeners found themselves buying into the notion of removing any potential stress involved when you have guests over for dinner. It also drove engagement with the brand as listeners had to download the UCOOK app to see for themselves how easy it was to subscribe and to enter.”

The integrated campaign rolled out across ECR’s full range of platforms. On air - radio spots, promos, giveaways, DJ endorsements and presenter appearances. Online - promoted on ECR’s website and on social media with fun videos across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Thanks to this cross-media strategy UCOOK was present wherever the ECR listeners looked and gave them the opportunity to get to know the brand. UCOOK owned the airwaves from morning to afternoon and presenters speaking about the brand really helped to cement the brand in the region.


The client was very happy with the results, which saw a 12% uplift in the region during the campaign, meeting the objectives of driving new acquisition for KZN users. The client confirmed they plan to use radio in the future.

Case video