Tipik – the new cross-media project (Digital-Radio-TV) to target ’Generation Y’

February 26, 2021

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Background information

In this week’s egtabite, we showcase Tipik, the new cross-media offer that combines Radio-TV and Digital, launched by RTBF (Belgian French-language public broadcaster). Tipik is the result of a reflection designed to meet the expectations of the 25-44 year old generation by using their own codes.

The Need

Gen Y, sought after from all sides, seeks its content on all media – linear or not – and has plenty of wishes and things to say.  This target group is characterised by specific values (authenticity, transparency, simplicity, concreteness, etc.), as well as by a very interesting duality: that which opposes the need for lightness and relaxation to the desire to understand the world.

Reconnecting with Gen Y was very important to RTBF.  RTBF’s objective was to listen and to understand these millennials in order to create a tailor-made offer for this committed generation and so to win back the younger audience, unserved by the traditional players on the market.

The Brand

Two years ago, distinct from a media-silo approach, RTBF evolved towards a new structure focused on “audiences” and also began to adapt its content to meet the expectations of four main target groups, including “young adults”.

The links between their former radio station Pure and TV channel La Deux ’(and digital projects) were strengthened over time. This naturally led RTBF towards the logic of a new and unique brand, integrating Pure (Radio), La Deux (TV) and digital, under a new name, a new look, but also and above all with new content offer.

The ramifications are strong, with ambassadors traveling across media and a desire for a signature recognisable by all, with a strong digital anchoring (web, social media, RTBF’s online content platform Auvio,…).Some projects originate in television, others in radio and some are exclusively digital.  The launch of Tipik (September 2020), a new transversal project, marks the last stage of this transition with an editorial offer again more in tune with the ‘young adults’ audience. Tipik is RTBF’s commitment to millennials, and its ambition is to enrich the media experience of young adults, in particular by developing the following areas:

  • Charismatic and authentic ambassadors
  • Diversity and difference
  • Pleasure and relaxation
  • Meaning and discovery
  • Light and humorous tone
  • Strong themes & events
  • Belgian identity in content and expression

In terms of offer, Tipik gives a central place to own productions and to key events. Its programming consists of the integration of existing radio and TV programmes with new content.

The newshows focus on themes dear to millennials: social networks, culture, cuisine, sport, humor, dating (e.g., The Love Experiment) and above all music.  All of these programmes, whether new or old, are available on Auvio.

Social networks play an essential role, enabling viewers to participate directly or indirectly in the programmes. Some content is exclusive to social networks, such as TipikDecrypte (a monthly meeting on Instagram where trendy phenomenon such as TikTok are explained to internet users), Lyrics (performers reveal what is behind the lyrics of their songs) or Une fois bien, the weekly vlog of one of Tipik’s emblematic figures.

In addition to radio with TipikVision (visual radio) along with its television programmes, the broadcaster features specially produced digital content for social media. The station interacts with its audience via Instagram, Facebook, RTBF Auvio, YouTube as well as its own website.

With some 27 presenters, Tipik airs between 6 a.m. and 11 p.m (midnight on weekends) on radio (FM and internet) and TV. It also hosts a night radio programme between midnight and 6 a.m.  RTBF built a new radio studio for Tipik, which features the TipikVision (visual radio) offering. This allows the station to broadcast some shows simultaneously on radio, television and the internet, such as the morning drive programme Le réveil de Djé (“Djé’s wake-up call”) from 6–9 a.m.

The Offer

RMB, RTBF’s sales house, offers various advertising formats to the market. On the one hand, a classical spot sales offer, by media; and on the other hand, a cross-media non-spot offer approach, developed by ‘FLASH’, their ‘content and creativity’-team, ranging from programme sponsorship, product placement and tailor-made formats resulting from discussions and brainstorms with advertisers or media agencies.

For example, The Love Experiment, a TV-programme where singles will experience an intimate face to face encounter by answering a series of predefined questions. This scientific questionnaire should gradually lead them to intimacy. At the end of this questionnaire, they vote and accept a second date or not. Using emotional levers such as love, authenticity, humour and scientific storytelling, this format developed by RTBF aims to attract a ‘young adult audience’. RTBF, as a public service broadcaster,

wants the participants to be actual characters with a real dimension in order to avoid trapping them within a caricature of themselves. A variation of this programme in podcast is proposed on the basis of shooting rushes and a complementary interview, or how the applicant lived through this experience. This broadcast will take place every week in connection with the linear broadcast hosted on Auvio.  The cross-media offer contains billboards, crawlers, trailers, Instagram story, pre-roll before digital content on Auvio (TV, podcast, key moments), talk on radio, contest option and product placement.

The Results

After less than 6 months since its launch (and due to COVID), it is a little early to make a complete assessment, but Tipik has started to conquer the 25-44 age group. While the TV market share is still only slightly increasing (4.5% MS on benchmark target 25-44 over the period Sept-Dec), media consumption shows excellent digital results over the September- December period:

  • 176 million views on Facebook
  • 6 million views on Instagram
  • 9 million views on Youtube
  • 1.5 million views on Auvio (RTBF’s content platform)

With 16% increase among young people 18-24 vs the same period year-1, Tipik successfully rejuvenated the audience.  54% of Tipik’s audience are women.