General information

Sector: Fast food

Media: Radio

Time period: May 2019

Case description

Dunkin Donuts was presented on air on the largest music radio station in Bulgaria in a rather unusual way - through a game. Every weekday for a period of two weeks, in the lunch show "From 10 to 2 with Neya" at a certain time, the presenters announced interesting and useful facts about the products within the Dunkin’ brand, thus highlighting the brand in the minds of the listeners. The aim was to engage the audience's attention and encourage participation in the game.

The presenter engaged audiences listening from their offices with a daily question. In order to respond correctly, those wishing to participate had to listen carefully or visit the sponsor's website, which generated additional traffic. Every day, an office that registered and gave a correct answer won 30 donuts and a ‘Box O Joe’ box with Dunkin' Dark Roast Coffee for the whole office. The award and the winning office was announced live on air.

The game was accompanied by the segments "Eat, travel and love" with the charming host Dani Raykova – amateur chef and one of the participants in the culinary show "MasterChef Bulgaria", broadcast on bTV. The communication of the segment was in keeping with the philosophy of Dunkin brand products and the history of the world-famous chain, presented with the captivating charm of the presenter. Dani Raykova personally carried the awards to the winning offices.

Promotional live announcements advertising the game were distributed in the commercial breaks throughout the day in order to fully cover the target audiences.

For greater efficiency, the game was presented with a subpage on the radio station's website in the "games" section and had a logo and a link to the sponsor's website.

Campaign video