General information

Sector: Health & Beauty

Media: Linear TV, online

Time period: Spring - Summer 2022

Case description

New research from the Dove Self-Esteem Project revealed how toxic advice is harming girls’ self-esteem and becoming normalized. Driven by the need to both educate parents and drive actionable change, RSM (Rogers Sport and Media) and Dove partnered on a multi-platform program that brought the #DetoxYourFeed key messages into programs across RSM channels.

This purpose-driven campaign focused on both educating a mass audience about the toxic beauty habits on social media, while empowering parents and teens to act – to have thoughtful, engaging conversations about social media and how to find positive, uplifting voices.

The power of TV made this campaign successful using well-known television shows – Breakfast Television and Cityline. Campaign messages were spread through in-show integration on Breakfast Television with Tracy Moore – speaking to her participation at an experiential event designed to help parents and teens alike conceptualize the pervasive nature of this toxic beauty advice.

The campaign culminated in a full custom-themed show on Cityline (broadcast and social) – with a focus on unpacking the impact of social media when it comes to how we view our own beauty. Content on the show included segments designed to specifically empower parents to speak with their teens and to engage them around what they are exposed to on social media.

Throughout the whole campaign, the messages were integrated into both TV shows with short segments focused on specific issues all laddering up to the #DetoxYourFeed content. Famous people would engage in authentic conversations focused on promoting positive accounts, tips, and advice on how to set up your own feed for positivity and how to model this behavior for youth in your life.

For a campaign that is focused on generating conversation, Rogers Sport and Media used the power of its brands and on-air talent voices to get people thinking, engaging and talking about this issue. Throughout a relatively tight campaign window, they were able to keep the conversation going through multiple integrations and executions.

Campaign results

The campaign was very well received by the viewers and created a buzz. By partnering with famous TV shows and their hosts Dove were able to ensure consistent reach and conversation across national platforms throughout the whole campaign period. This strategy helped contribute the overall lift in engagement with the Dove Confidence Kit – empowering parents to have these important conversations with their teens about social media and personal body image.

Campaign video