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Unilever is committed to increasing diversity and promoting more inclusive representation of people through its advertising. Dove’s Advanced Care Hand Wash campaign does just that & is an important step in its #unstereotype commitment. To launch Dove’s new hand wash, Dove wanted to reappraise the importance of their hands. It was the first time Dove’s testimonial was told by the hands themselves, in Sign Language.


Our hands are important to us all, but particularly so for one group who use their hands to connect with their worlds every day: deaf and hard-of-hearing women. Discover the value of hands to these women, and how Dove Hand Wash gives their hands the care and nourishment they deserve. Because for them, and all of us, our hands mean everything.

'What do your hands mean to you?'

Media & Accessibility

Their testimonials were so powerful that a brief for a 15" digital film quickly turned into a 60" spot that launched on primetime US TV and is running in Cinemas. Airing with open captions and sign language. With the ideation being inclusive it does so much of the legwork for the Deaf and hearing-impaired community.

Dove – What do your hands mean to you? – 60″ Online Mix