General information

Sector: Tourism

Media: Linear TV, Radio, online

Time period: Spring - Summer 2021

Case description

Tourism in Vancouver was hit hard by Covid travel bans. Once the sector was ready to reopen for safe local travel, Destination Vancouver wanted to remind British Colombians about the beauty of this city and promote local tourism, encouraging locals to rediscover and fall in love with Vancouver all over again. The aim was for British Columbians to book hotel stays, dine out at local restaurants and enjoy the unique attractions.

Corus Creative Services curated personalised creative (vignettes/endorsements) with Global/Corus local personalities telling stories that focus on their personal connections to Vancouver and what they love most about spending time in the city. Personal testimonials were complimented with imagery of the locations and activities described.

By featuring beloved and respected on-air talent, they aimed to connect with their audience on a personal and emotional level while incentivising them to support local tourism. The campaign was a love letter to the city written by recognised local personalities. The tone was uplifting and empowering with a joyful and friendly tone. Corus personalities are vastly different which appealed to the different target demographics.

The cross-platform partnership campaign included talent-endorsed messaging, travel deals, community coverage, global news editorial coverage and contesting, utilising television and radio properties.

Corus Entertainment supported the client’s #LoveVancouver campaign, ideated by the client and Patio Social Inc., their agency of record. Corus Creative Services, produced all of the commercial assets for TV and radio. Editorial coverage, sponsorships and other campaign elements were supported by Corus Entertainment News and Radio properties.

Campaign results

Vancouver Tourism saw significant recovery thanks to local residents. Hotels across the city were completely sold out for certain weeks during the summer and restaurant reservations increased remarkably. Destination Vancouver won BCAMA's 2022 Marketer of the Year Award - for all of the organisation’s marketing activities in 2021. The agency, Patio, underlined the crucial role Corus played in ensuring the success of the campaign, this included the great production work lead by Mark Matthews and the Creative Services team.

Campaign video