General information

Sector: Recycling

Media: Linear TV, online, cinema

Time period: March – July 2022

Case description

Derichebourg is one of the biggest recycling companies in France. Their trucks can be seen everywhere, cleaning the streets and collecting rubbish. Nobody, however, really knew what the brand stood for or what their actions were concretely. Derichebourg wanted to create their first TV campaign to make sure that people connect with the brand and understand their values and what they do.

Through two TV spots, Canal+ wanted to convey the passion and the love that motivates the brand. The first spot tells the touching story of a little boy who, through the years, kept his passion for recycling and is now happily working for Derichebourg. The second one is more instructive, and tells the journey of the recycled material itself, showing all the steps of its transformation from car to aluminium ingot.

The intention was not to use a dramatic tone but to create a positive atmosphere by telling two beautiful stories for people to understand the process and to know that passion and modernism are what lead the company.

CANAL+ Brand Solution managed to capture the very essence of the work by shooting the two spots from the inside of the main factories, where the real process of recycling is done.

During the pre-production phase, CANAL+ Brand Solution worked closely with the Derichebourg team, from managers to workers, to understand who they are, what they do and where their passion comes from. It was important to have the big picture, to enter their world and translate it in the best way possible.

Campaign results

A post-test analysis ran after the campaign showed that the two spots generated strong and positive reactions. The first spot appeared to be easy to understand, beautiful and helped people identify the brand as eco-friendly. The second spot was qualified as original, attractive and informative, explaining the process and the values of the brand in an interesting way. Globally, the exposure to the campaign helped reinforce the brand image. The goal of boosting awareness was achieved - the unaided brand awareness doubled between the beginning and the end of the campaign. The campaign also helped improve brand image and perception significantly - Derichebourg was seen as a brand that provides useful services to the society (+10pts), with an expertise that people would recommend (+7pts).

The most emotional and surprising outcome was one shared by the CEO Thomas Derichebourg who received messages from his employees, telling him they recognised themselves in those spots and felt very proud to be a part of the company. CEO Thomas DERICHEBOURG said, “What I had in mind, I saw it on screen today”. The campaign demonstrated that it is possible to generate emotion and create beautiful content, even for companies that may seem technical or in places that feel cold, such as factories.

Campaign video 1

Campaign video 2