Degree US: ‘Not done yet’ campaign with AD and open captions

March 29, 2024

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More than 60 million people in the US live with a disability, yet products and experiences are still not designed with this community in mind. Degree Inclusive packaging and inclusive advertising ensure that people with disabilities have an equal playing field.


Degree® is committed to inspiring the confidence in everyone to move beyond limits. Everyone faces personal and societal limits, whether it’s self-doubt, judgment, exhaustion, or anything in between.

Everyone hears a voice in their head that says, “I’m not built for this.” And Degree® knows that in this very moment, worrying about sweat and odor can make or break the confidence needed to keep moving.


This ad was supplied with American Sign Language along with open captions online and the response to the sign interpretation was extraordinary from both the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community and hearing community.

 #NotDoneYet #ASL

Campaign video