Côte d’Or’s 140th Anniversary Celebration: A Nostalgic Journey with Nostalgie Radio


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Background information

Côte d’Or, the renowned Belgian brand, marked its 140th anniversary in 2023 with a vibrant radio advertising campaign. Seeking to commemorate this historic milestone, the brand collaborated with Nostalgie radio station, aligning perfectly to build awareness, engagement, and lasting memories.

The concept and Strategy

Recognising that every Belgian holds personal memories tied to the Côte D’Or brand, Integreate, the ‘non-spot’ department of DPG Media, devised the central concept: “Le moment Côte D’Or.” This concept aimed to connect the gustatory pleasures of consuming Côte D’Or with nostalgic moments spanning decades, from historical milestones to personal memories.

Platforms involved

The multi-faceted campaign unfolded across various platforms, including the website, on-air broadcasts, on-the-field activations, and social media channels. On-air, a 5-second jingle and branded content were featured. Online, a contest was launched through the website and newsletter, inviting participants to share their Côte d’Or memories. Nostaman, the mascot of Nostalgie, engaged with listeners to further amplify the campaign’s reach.

Cote Dór website

Branded Content

The heart of the campaign was the creation of tailored branded content centered around iconic moments in Belgian history. This content was strategically disseminated through social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to provide visual support. Nostalgie hosts contributed by sharing their own Côte d’Or moments, enriching the campaign with authentic and relatable content.

Watch FB example here.

Watch Instagram example here.


Integreate and Nostalgie successfully crafted a diverse array of tailor-made content for the Côte d’Or partnership. The strategic dissemination of this content across online, social media, and on-air platforms ensured a consistent and impactful message for the audience. Taking the campaign beyond the digital realm, the engagement with Nostaman and Nostalgie hosts in social stories further deepened the connection with listeners, resulting in impressive engagement rates of up to 14%.