General information

Sector: Financial

Media: Linear TV and online

Time period: April – December 2021

Case description

The goal of this campaign was to build a solid partnership between Mediaset and insurance company Cofidis by achieving Cofidis’ goal in 2021: re-building the brand. The campaign objective was to increase the consideration of the brand by integrating the brand into a programme that has a wide audience, such as Got Talent Spain. The fit between the brand’s objective and the show was immediate: as the show allows artists from all over Spain to boost their professional careers and achieve their dreams, Cofidis could act very naturally as an enabler of these dreams, as they are a financial entity specialised in granting consumer loans and financing projects.

Another aim of the campaign was to find a brand ambassador on social media. Mediaset offered Cofidis the opportunity to be associated with Miki Nuñez, a famous Spanish singer that had previously participated in other TV programmes such as Operación Triunfo and Eurovisión (representing Spain).

In Spain, Cofidis runs a project called "Live the dream of your life". With this project, Codifis wants to help those who have a special talent to show it and develop it. The match was obvious! It was a perfect opportunity for Mediaset to design an action during Got Talent Spain and offer the next winner of the show a one-year training scholarship to continue developing their talent.

Mediaset launched a 360º campaign that allowed Cofidis to be naturally integrated into the talent show. As opposed to the previous editions of the show, the casting process started earlier with an online prequel: a digital prequel was launched to attract new street talents. Candidates were posting videos of their talents along with their personal stories. The 10 best candidates got direct access to the Auditions phase on TV. Throughout this whole journey, the talents were able to get help and advice from the campaign's ambassador Miki Núñez.

During the show, Mediaset incorporated a new rule that gave Cofidis further visibility: a “Wild Card” sponsored by the brand. In the semi-finals, Miki Nuñez (brand ambassador) and Santi Millán (Got Talent’s presenter) gave the audience a special opportunity, allowing them to vote for a contestant that was already eliminated previously, giving them a chance to remain on the show, and have an opportunity to win.

The branded content & experience team from Mediaset was responsible for the creation of this format. During the campaign, smooth communication was established with Cofidis. Freemantle was also involved in the creation of the campaign.

Campaign results

This was the first time in Got Talent’s Spanish history that a brand was integrated into the show through organic formats impacting viewers in a natural way. The client was very satisfied with the viewer’s feedback. The digital results are exceeding their expectations both in terms of participation and consumption of content created for the brand. Regarding TV, the integrations are working very well, integrating the brand with the concept of living your dream and the audience’s perception so far is that this type of format does not link the brand with ads but instead with the content of the show. The idea is to continue with the project for at least 2 more years.

Campaign video