General information

Sector: Retail

Media: Linear TV, VOD, social media

Time period: December 2021

Case description

For supermarkets, the holidays are a crucial time of year. With Christmas just around the corner, Albert Heijn was inspired to connect its brand values to one of the most loving programmes in the Netherlands. The popular TV show, All You Need Is Love, is full of heart-warming reunions and romantic surprises, especially during the holidays.

‘Bringing people together and fulfilling many Christmas wishes’ - this was the campaign message from Albert Heijn during the 2021 holiday period. To share this message with the public, Ad Alliance created mini spin-offs of All You Need Is Love: the ‘All You Need Is Love Small Christmas Stories’, in which families were surprised with a special get-together – bringing together their loved ones who live far away – including a lovingly-prepared Christmas dinner with Albert Heijn as a supplier for a Christmas full of love.

The series of small Christmas stories ended with a double surprise item on 24th December: not one but two families met for a dinner organised by Albert Heijn, at which they had two special guests joining them: family members who live far away (Australia and Vietnam) and whom they had therefore not seen in a very long time because of the pandemic. This campaign was developed by Ad Alliance, Endemol Shine Nederland in collaboration with Moonbird Amsterdam and Albert Heijn.

Campaign results

The campaign had great results – it met all the KPIs set by the client. The Christmas special reached over ten million people and the sponsorship made Albert Heijn the ultimate Christmas supermarket. So the Albert Heijn campaign with All You Need Is Love became a campaign made to be loved, with 10 million people reached over the course of the campaign.

Campaign video