Bridging Brand, Content, and Audience Values – Rai Pubblicità’s Innovative Value Planning Tool

March 22, 2024

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Rai Pubblicità’s ‘Value Planning’ initiative, showcased at egta’s MIM (Market Intelligence Meeting) in Madrid, aims to bridge the gap between the values reflected in media content and the evolving values of our society. This unique approach represents a significant step forward in understanding how audience values intersect with Rai’s editorial content. Developed in collaboration with GfK and linked to Mediasoft planning and evaluation tools, this initiative aims to allow clients to select Rai programmes and ad breaks that align closely with their brand ethos and communication goals.

Rai’s content has consistently demonstrated its ability to positively impact brand KPIs, foster audience loyalty, capture attention, and enhance memorability and brand recall. With a clear goal to build a value-planning tool that aligns with the communication strategies of their clients, Rai Pubblicità curated a set of 17 values. These values, derived from extensive statistical analysis of over 150 variables, encompass a range of contemporary life-style values, indicated as adjectives from Innovative and Dynamic to Influential, Aesthetic, and Sustainable, among others.

Further enhancing this initiative was a comprehensive study to assess the coherence between these values and Rai’s editorial and commercial offerings. This involved a detailed examination of all Rai touchpoints, including TV and radio channels, RaiPlay, RaiPlay Sound, Rai@YouTube and VEVO, cinema, and events. Additionally, values were aligned with the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals through a correspondence study, allowing brands to align their communication actions with broader societal objectives.

Leveraging the seamless integration of the value asset within the GfK-TSSP database and its linkage to Rai’s DMP, Rai’s approach offers a comprehensive solution for total video planning and post-evaluation tools.

The advanced and integrated profiling system ensures precise targeting of audience segments. For planning, values form the cornerstone of Rai Pubblicità’s cross-platform and evolved planning approach, fostering digital convergence. Emphasising granular media fruition enhances touchpoint effectiveness.

Rai Pubblicità prioritize synergy and complementarity across media and platforms for maximum impact and their cross-media and Total Video data-driven planning is facilitated by integrated systems and our DMP.

From targeting to planning, all values are readily available within the GfK-TSSP single-source database. They are seamlessly integrated into the sale house’s analysis, planning, and pre-post evaluation tools, and interconnected with their DMP.

Case Study Example: Hair & Beauty Care

Hair serves as a powerful means of self-expression, often surpassing clothing or makeup in conveying one’s identity. For brands in the hair and beauty care realm, aligning with the value of ‘inclusive’, embodying equal opportunities, integration, and respect for uniqueness, resonates deeply with their purpose and vision.

The target group for the ‘inclusive’ value comprises 20% of Italians, totalling 10.4 million individuals within this demographic, while touchpoints encompass a range of inventory across video, audio, cinema, concerts, and other on-site experiences.

A recent TV campaign by a hair and beauty care brand, planned with Rai Pubblicità’s value for “inclusive” as the reference target, yielded impressive results: Affinity: +23 points, GRPs: +13%, reach: +2 points, CPG: -9%. All achieved with identical spending and prime-time video allocation.

Rai’s Value Planning initiative underscores the symbiotic relationship between TV content values and the evolving values of audiences, effectively meeting the marketing and communication objectives of brands. To learn more, catch up on Rai’s presentation at MIM in Madrid.