Baileys (Diageo) teams up with RNIB and Meta to create delicious alt text and image descriptions

May 30, 2023

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Baileys believes that treating is for everyone. After all, in a world that’s often serious and unpredictable, they provide us with impulsive moments of pleasure.

But Baileys realised that their content is not so delicious, if you are blind or visually impaired and relying on screen-readers to engage with the content.

That’s where Delicious Descriptions come into play!

From now on, all of their treat content will include delicious Alt Text and [Image Descriptions].

Delicious Descriptions are image descriptions that Baileys will use on social that are equally as delicious as the image themselves, if not more. They sit underneath post copy, in closed brackets like [these].

Created in consultation with the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) and Meta, Baileys launched on Global Accessibility Awareness Day with a guide (Baileys Delicious Descriptions Guide) on how to write delicious [Image descriptions] alongside a series of in-feed assets, which give a taste of the experience of listening to their Delicious Descriptions through a screen reader.

Both campaigns will be supported with paid media in GB and US. To further amplify the campaign, both markets are working with local influencers Lucy Edwards (GB) and Molly Burke (US) of the visually-impaired community as well as acclaimed singer/songwriter Lachi (US).

Baileys are also encouraging their network of ‘makers/bakers/shakers’ and other brands and organisations to join them and make their social content more accessible to wider audiences.

Why not take a look at their guide on writing delicious [Image Descriptions] and Alt text, and join them too?