General information

Sector: Cosmetics

Media: Radio, TV, social

Time period: December 2021

Case description

Avon – a multinational cosmetics, skin care, fragrance and personal care company - was one of the sponsors of The Voice on bTV in Bulgaria. In order to reach additional audiences, bTV decided to add radio into the media mix, on top of TV and online campaigns. The goal was to ignite the imagination of radio listeners and make them look forward to the presence of the beauty brand, AVON, in the grand finale of The Voice Bulgaria.

The goal was achieved through alternative advertising formats and live announcements from radio hosts.

The campaign started on radio station N-JOY two weeks before the grand finale of The Voice and included sponsorship tags, live reads by the hosts and daily promo announcements for AVON as a sponsor of the show.

On top of the on-air promo, N-JOY launched a dynamic game for the listeners to participate in with attractive prizes up for grabs. Attention was paid to the theme to make sure it was in line with The Voice and the battles between the singers on the show. The game consisted of battles between popular AVON products - every day, listeners could participate in “Love It or Like It” on N-JOY’s Facebook page where they could vote between their favourite AVON products and answer questions about the products for a chance to win prizes.

Campaign results

The interactive game generated a lot of engagement amongst listeners who participated in the competition by choosing their favorite products and leaving comments on the social media posts – over 600 on each Facebook post.