Pulling off a great summer campaign with Power Hit Radio and Telia

Background information

Lithuanian radio station Power Hit Radio, part of TV3 media’s portfolio, collaborated with the telecommunications company Telia for a special summer campaign. A Telia 5G branded camper van served as a radio studio on wheels touring nine cities in Lithuania, concluding their tour for the full month of July in the beach resort Palanga.

Cities checked by Telia

Description and platforms used

In each city, the radio team met with listeners, offered games and contests to people of all age groups, organised concerts and other forms of entertainment. The project was heavily promoted across all media – TV, website and social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram). A series of articles about the project were published on TV3’s portal, and Telia was also active on social media. Power Hit Radio shared interviews conducted on the streets on their website, along with selfies taken with studio guests and listeners, and content from the studio on Facebook and Instagram. Despite the potentially exhausting task of interacting with a large number of people for an entire month, the team ensured a friendly greeting for every passerby, adding a personal touch to the project.

Picture posts on social media


Power Hit Radio pulled off a creative and progressive summer campaign with the radio on tour, bringing the station closer to listeners and providing great value for the sponsor. For the  online radio stream, the total unique IPs was 312.61, the total completed sessions were 3.62 m and average listening minutes were 36.25.

Market share of the station increased by 2%, rising from 6% in 2022 to 8% in just one year.The radio achieved a 20% reach, and the website had a 9% reach. They successfully popularized online radio and, importantly, expanded their Gen Z audience, a primary goal of the project.

Media Central Supporting the Irish Women’s football National team with SKY and Cadbury

Background information

An Irish leading media sales house, Media Central, orchestrated a complex support campaign dedicated to the Irish Women’s football National team, during the World Cup of 2023. The sales house teamed up with the broadcaster and telecommunications company, SKY and Cadbury - a multinational confectionery company owned by Mondelez International.

Supporting Irish women’s football

Women's football has been flourishing in Ireland over the last number of years and Media Central’s stations have been at the forefront of championing the women's game, ensuring it receives the same level of coverage and support as the men's game. With the Women's World Cup taking place in Australia and New Zealand in July 2023, it marked the first time that the Irish Women's National Team had qualified for the tournament. The country was buzzing with momentum and excitement, providing an opportunity for brands to tap into the fervor.  Media Central used the occasion to develop various campaigns and partnerships with key brands Mondelez and SKY, across their different stations, showcasing the depth of creative solutions and content while rallying the nation behind the team.

Special send-off event

In collaboration with SKY, Media Central organised a live event – an official send-off for the women's national team, in the Mansion House in Dublin. It was the perfect way to build hype around Ireland's first-ever appearance at the World Cup and a rare opportunity for fans to see all the stars of the women's national team together, interviewed by some of the best radio hosts. Off the Ball – Media Central’s dedicated sports brand - teamed up with SKY to put on an event that really captured the mood, excitement and anticipation for the upcoming tournament and the support for the “Girls in Green”.  From this event, a substantial amount of content was distributed across Off The Ball's platforms, encompassing both short-form and long-form content on FM, social media and via a podcast, making it accessible for those at home to engage with the content.

Come On You Girls In Green podcast – driving coverage, awareness and conversation

In collaboration with Cadbury, the official snack partner of the women's national team, Media Central developed a unique podcast named COYGIG (Come On You Girls In Green) dedicated to covering women’s football. The goal was to increase coverage of the women's game through mainstream media, driving awareness and conversation around the women's football.

Off The Ball has been actively championing women's sport in general over the last few years and embraced this new opportunity to work with a brand to further champion women's football in Ireland. The approach was very straightforward – to cover women's football just as they would men's football.

The COYGIG Podcast was a a brand-new platform entirely dedicated to covering women's football with ten special episodes integrated into mainstream coverage around the tournament, amplifying Cadbury’s association with the team.

This weekly podcast covered all the latest news, fixtures, previews, reviews and analysis of the women's game and quickly became a permanent and popular fixture in Off The Ball's content output. The content was podcast-first, but also distributed across Off The Ball's myriad of available touchpoints, with the full podcast show also recorded and the videoed show going out on social media, as well as short-form highlight clips across FM and social media.

Drumming up local grassroots support

Cadbury also aimed to use the Women's World Cup to raise awareness of Cadbury's support for women's football at a grassroots level. Media Central’s regional network, consisting of 7 regional and local radio station, provided the perfect platform for this. They recorded content with local football clubs around the country and broadcasted it across each station's on-air and social platforms. Each station ran cross-platform activities, including:

  • Cadbury messaging around Women's World Cup updates in editorial Sports Bulletins delivered through sports reader live mentions.
  • Bespoke recorded on-air messages of support for the girls in green for their group fixtures, featuring voices from local grassroots clubs around the country.
  • Bespoke social video content featuring local grassroots clubs around the country

Radio OUTBELIEVE show on tour – live from Australia

In another partnership with SKY, Media Central sent one of the TODAY FM’s most popular hosts off to Australia for two weeks as part of Dermot & Dave’s OUTBELIEVE Tour to cheer on the women’s team on behalf of the nation. Dermot & Dave hosted their show live from several major cities including Sydney, Perth and Brisbane, bringing the color and excitement of the tournament to life. The campaign successfully captured the team's journey, providing listeners with unparalleled access, engaging interviews, and an authentic connection to the players. All of the exciting bits were captured and delivered socially across Today FM social channels with a huge amount of Instagram stories and reels.

RMB’s Slice: where innovation and exploration fuel the next-level branded content

Background information

RMB, the Belgian media sales house, is dedicated to transforming its business to make it more resilient with a focus on innovation, exploration, and sustainability. Nevertheless, they feel under pressure from the new players in the market. As a result, in 2022, as an addition to the creative solutions unit launched in 2018 known as Flash, RMB decided to develop a new brand named Slice. This new department serves as a nexus, bringing together brands and content creators such as streamers streamers, YouTubers, gamers, etc. Jointly, they develop next-level branded content for clients.

About Slice

Officially inaugurated in March 2023, Slice represents an ecosystem that brings together brands and young Belgian content creators. Equipped studios, strategically placed within RMB’s offices, include a lounge room, an audio room, a beauty room, a green room, and a gaming room, expediting the production process. RMB contributes its client relationships and expertise as a sales house. The objective is to facilitate connections between advertisers and innovative Belgian content creators, fostering exceptional long-term collaborations based on shared values and authenticity.

Slice is not just another influencer agency, what distinguishes them is their long-term strategy, they don’t work on action-based partnerships.  Each creator possesses their unique universe, and brands seamlessly enter this space to communicate authentically with the audience. Slice ensures that creators and brands share common values.

All brands associated with Slice get connected to their audiences including Gen Zs who consume mainly social media). The content produced aligns with the brand positioning and encompasses all other communication aspects, incorporating storytelling.

Napoleon Sports podcast – Nonante Minutes

An illustrative example of a Slice campaign made in collaboration with a betting company Napoleon Sports was the launch of a podcast and a brand new channel called “90 minutes”. The podcast, comprising seven episodes discussing football with interviews of renowned footballers, featured hosts who were football specialists and Twitch or other streaming experts. The content was disseminated across Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Payconiq campaign

Another client, Payconiq (a mobile payment system via QR codes), engaged young talents as brand ambassadors, each taking a unique approach. One YouTuber wagered with people on the street, daring them to deliver shocking news to a relative. If they obliged, he rewarded them using Payconiq.

Another influencer developed a special dance for TikTok illustrating the no need for a wallet via "Bye-bye wallet" dance when using  Payconiq. Both approaches were very successful in engaging their followers and received a positive response. More about this campaign here.

Other clients of Slice include Axe, Proximus, Base, Jupiler, Orange, Keytrade Bank, Disney, Sony Pictures, VISITWallonia, etc.


RMB's commitment to innovation, exploration, and sustainability has cultivated a strong company culture, with Slice contributing valuable talent, agility, and a competitive edge in the market.

IMS’s Unilever campaign brings TV and Radio together

Background information

In this business case study, we discuss IMS's TV and radio campaign for Unilever that tapped into the complementarity of these two mass media. Following the launch of a radio audience measurement by Kantar Media in Uzbekistan, the interest in radio increased among clients that finally could have reliable radio figures alongside the TV ones. Thanks to this new measurement radio can now be used as an effective tool to help TV campaigns reach the audience that does not watch TV on a regular basis.

The goal of this campaign was to boost the brand awareness of Unilever products Clear Man and Rexona. That was done with the help of creative radio ads via a cross-media campaign in August 2023.

The Strategy

The campaign ensured an optimal media channel mix selection and sustainable communication. It aimed to strengthen the TV campaign coverage and reach the maximum target audience. The use of audio creative strengthened the delivery of the brand's key creative message and increased brand loyalty.

The REXONA brand was promoted as of maximum protection in any conditions and the CLEAR MEN brand was portrayed as a special care for men with new effective protection.

The Execution

The radio stations represented by IMS were used (102.00 AVTORADIO, 101.50 GRAND, 100.50 ORIAT FM). Radio commercials were placed in parallel with TV campaigns of both brands through one sales house - IMS (via the “one-stop shop” service), which added convenience and flexibility to advertising placement.


In August, overall, 769 spots were aired in the “Hygiene category”, 75% of which related to Unilever brands. In terms of SoV, Unilever generated 82% in the 18-45 target group (in Tashkent and Tashkent region cities) - which indicated effective media planning of the campaign and successful choice of stations for the advertising campaign. The number of listener contacts reached with the advertising message was almost 11 million in the age group 15-64 - and about 9 million in the age group 18-45 (in Tashkent and Tashkent region).

NRJ measures sponsorship effectiveness during the NRJ Global Summer Tour


For two weeks in August 2023, NRJ Global organized an epic Summer tour, made up of “NRJ Villages” all around the French coast. NRJ partnered with several brands including Basic-Fit, O2, La Poste Mobile, insurance MAAF as well as non-profit organisation Petits Freres de Pauvres for the campaign and measured the satisfaction of the audiences on-site as well as the impact of the brand partnerships.

The concept

The NRJ Summer Tour took place alongside the entire French coast and ended on August 14, after 10 sessions in seaside towns all the way from the Mediterranean to the beaches in the North. An NRJ village of 800m2 was set up in each of the 10 towns, with free entertainment focused on relaxation, shows, concerts, and gifts. All the sponsors offered fun animations, games, competitions and live experiences on-site for everyone from children to adults.

Measuring the success of the event sponsorship

Thanks to a solution developed by Bilendi & respondi, NRJ Global directly measured the satisfaction of the public present and the impact of the sponsorship partner activations. NRJ Global deployed a Bilendi Discuss query solution via WhatsApp, which made it possible to capture the feedback of the audiences present in the villages in a fun way and interact with them by being as close as possible to the consumer experience. NRJ Global also interviewed the public who came to enjoy the NRJ animations and the stands of the brand partners.

The campaign was promoted heavily on social media platforms such as Instagram as well as via the OOH campaign.

Results – event sponsorship works

The event was a great success among all the participants as proven by the on-site survey with 99% of participants saying they were satisfied. They particularly appreciated the atmosphere – ‘’The NRJ Summer Tour is something to experience at least once in life’’.

All the partner stands were very well noticed and appreciated, with 93% visibility and 92% approval. The attendees highlighted the fun and informative aspects of the proposed activities: "It was great. I really liked the partner stands that offered us games", and "Very nice, fun, and informative workshops”. Overall, 76% of participants said they were more likely to consider the brand after seeing the animation.

The promo campaign for the event worked very well, 89% of the attendees had heard about the tour via radio, social networks, or via the internet (67%). On top of that, 19% have heard about it via the tourism office and 15% via friends and relatives. The event managed to attract large audiences and whole families, with 61% of participants aged 25 to 59.


Dromos 89,8 on the go to attract Gen Z listeners

Background information

Dromos 89,8 radio station, in collaboration with anytime, a subsidiary of Interamerican, and a leading company in the insurance market in Greece, has put in place a brand-building campaign of ten full summer days. The campaign format was set as a special event and focused on the insurance sector. The in-house sales department developed this innovative format alongside the creative agency ‘’Weber Shandwick Athens’’.

people and special bus

The concept and strategy

The goal of this campaign was to attract young people as new customers. A big bus was used as the main space. The bus was internally divided into two sections. In the first section, a radio booth was created, and the second section posed as the PC area. The bus was parked in different public squares in Athens, every day, for ten consecutive days. Every day different popular singers would be welcomed, interviewed by a station’s producer, and then perform a few songs in acapella to the audience in front. During this time, people could enter the PC area of the bus and play a specially designed PC game. The game was as much fun as educational and it concerned safety measures and driving behavior while responsibly driving through the town and avoiding any accidents. In this way, the company could indirectly relate to the notion of safety and consequently attract new customers.

The initiative included production costs (rent of the bus, promoters, security, and such), as well as the value of the air time on radio and TV. A premium for the whole concept was also added.

The media and platforms involved were the Radio, popular singers within the young audience, TV trailers, and Facebook.


The evaluation was a positive one. Besides the revenue generated by the event, there was significant brand awareness for the radio station itself, since the bus we used was partially covered with the station logo in a creative way and therefore, seen by a lot of people who could become potential listeners.

bus room

bus room

“Canta Tu Karaoke”: Unleashing the Magic of Music with Rai Pubblicita

Background information

The aim of the campaign is to introduce the versatility and functions of the historic and iconic ''Canta Tu Karaoke'' by the toy brand Giochi Preziosi. ‘’Canta Tu’’, also in its special edition “Canta Tu Maradona Edition” is a complete high-quality audio video system, which animates parties with family and friends, outdoors or indoors.

The campaign was developed on different media and different Rai Pubblicità’s radio stations.

Description of the campaign

This Cross-media campaign aired on radio, social, digital, and on-field tools between May and July 2023. It was sold in the form of a dedicated package for each individual radio station.

The campaign was entirely developed by Rai Pubblicità with different Radio broadcasters through different formats. In general, the radio campaign included 30'' quotes, programs sponsorship billboards and a 30'' radio spot. In particular, ad hoc formats have been developed for each broadcaster:

*Radio Italia: Audience activation at Radio Italia Live concerts (Milan and Palermo) through a Live Promo moment. The promo was launched by the presenters on stage, a live karaoke video with “Canta Tu” was projected on the concert displays, inviting everyone to sing a song by singer Gigi D'Alessio. An ad hoc video was edited. Push ads were shared on Radio Italia's Instagram channels and client’s logo have been published on Radio Italia's website.

*Radio Kiss Kiss: On-field activation in the city of Naples with Karaoke ''Canta Tu Maradona Edition". Radio Kiss Kiss presenters engaged people in the streets of Naples, inviting them to sing with the Karaoke Canta Tu. In terms of social media, 10 videos were edited, out of which 3 were published in collaboration with and sponsored by both Instagram profiles of Radio Kiss Kiss and Giochi Preziosi.

*Radio Rai: Audience activation at the TIM Summer Hits concerts (Rome and Rimini) through a live promo moment. The promo was launched by the presenters on stage, a live karaoke video with “Canta Tu” was projected on the concert displays, inviting everyone to sing a song by singer Gigi D'Alessio.

The on-the-field activation at concerts in Milan, Palermo, Rome, and Rimini, and on the streets of Naples have generated excellent results in terms of audience engagement with Karaoke Canta Tu, highlighting both the product's ease of use and its ability to create a festive mood on any occasion.

Platforms involved

The platforms involved in this campaign were radio, social media (Instagram), digital (Radio Italia website), and radio presenters (field activation).


The campaign turned out to be a valuable case both for the brand and the sale house that, starting from the radio, managed to cross over to digital, social, and on-field. It was a winning project that combined the creative component with the strength of three different and complementary broadcasters, who customized their communication in coherence with their audiences and the territories covered.

Stage concert
stage concert

Atmedia’s Grand Bike Challenge on the occasion of Giro d’Italia

The background

Atmedia's campaign was inspired by the 105th edition of the Giro d’Italia, which kicked off in Budapest, Hungary. To mark the occasion, Atmedia's Radio 1 organised its first Grand Bike Challenge as part of the morning show, Balázsék. The campaign ran both on radio and social media platforms, starting on the 25th April and continued until the 5th May 2022.

Photo bike challenge

The concept and strategy

The idea for ​​the campaign was developed by the Atmedia non-spot and sales team, involving the radio morning show's hosts and the promotion department. The inspiration was of course the Giro d'Italia’s Grande Partenza taking place in Hungary. The clients were an Italian restaurant, Belozzo, and NSÜ, the organiser of the Giro d'Italia in Hungary.

During the campaign, three well-known celebrities (one influencer and two footballers) took part in a competition on the Radio 1 headquarters’ terrace. During the morning show, broadcast from 7:00 to 9:30am, the three contestants were tasked with riding an indoor bike and being the first to complete a set distance, taking the prize as winner of the craziest bike race of the year. Every half hour, one of the three radio show hosts stopped to attend to the tired bikers, squirting them with a water pistol, wiping them down with towels, feeding them pizza from Belozzo, or offering them cold drinks. The hosts would also keep listeners informed of the distance the athletes had covered, while listeners could vote on the radio1.hu platform to guess who would be the winner of this Grand Bike Challenge. Only one lucky voter could win the big prize offered by the campaign partners.

The format of the campaign included radio commercial spots, radio promo spots, a giveaway, social media posts, as well as a livestream on Facebook.

Platforms involved

The campaign’s main platform was radio, through which Atmedia used influencers and popular Hungarian athletes to promote the campaign. The event was partly broadcast via a Facebook live (on the radio station’s and the partner’s Facebook pages). The initiative was a special package, with a unique appearance number, including ATL. All content was shared before and during the event.

The results

The promotion was a big success both on radio and social media. The posts related to the event on Facebook and Instagram generated a total of 490,000 hits. The Facebook lives reached 126,000 people and generated 60,000 views. One video was viewed by over 100,000 people. In total there were 11,851 voters on the radio1.hu platform between 7:00 and 9:30 am.

Photo bike challenge

Photo bike challenge

“Pimp your tractor” with ORF and Lindner

Background information

In this business case, we bring to light the inspirational path that Austrian public radio station, FM4, and Lindner have taken in order to raise awareness and create a positive youthful brand image within the more conservative sector of agriculture.

More and more farmers are struggling to get younger generations to take over their farms. To help this cause, Linder approached ORF and Radio FM4, who developed and implemented a campaign that aired across all its channels from 3rd to 30th April 2023.

Lindner has already carried out successful promotional campaigns with FM4 in the past. With this campaign, however, Lindner wanted to appeal to the younger generation and dust off the image of agriculture. Farming can be cool too! The younger public radio station, FM4, was the perfect fit for the 2023 “Pimp your Tractor" campaign.

The participants were asked to submit designs for “pimping” up their tractors with new designs and visuals. Listeners could then vote online for the best three designs. The winner of “Pimp your Tractor” received the tractor with their design. There were also other prizes given out to other lucky participants.

Cross-media campaign

The announcement of the competition and the voting was published through spots on the public radio station FM4 and via the Facebook fan page. On fm4.ORF.at, the promotion was integrated prominently on the main landing page.

This special cross-media-sales campaign was successfully implemented with the help of the ORF-Enterprise Sales-Unit and the FM4-Team, in close cooperation with the client.

The Results

The campaign generated lots of positive reactions, and many interactions on fm4.ORF.at and social media. The promotion has given the industry and Lindner tractors a younger and more positive image. All in all, it’s now not just cars that are cool!