Atresmedia launches The Cube, an audience segmentation tool based on AIMC-KANTAR data hybridisation


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Background information

The Spanish sales house Atresmedia Publicidad is revolutionising its approach to audience segmentation and advertising effectiveness by introducing a groundbreaking tool known as The Cube.

Launched in May 2023, this innovative platform is poised to reshape the landscape of television advertising in Spain by leveraging a fusion of AIMC-KANTAR data, providing advertisers with unprecedented insights into viewer behaviour, interests, attitudes, and opinions.

About the tool

The Cube, a brainchild of Atresmedia, is a robust audience segmentation tool that takes TV consumption to the next level. Unlike traditional approaches, which often rely solely on sociodemographic factors, The Cube harnesses the power of third-party data to delve deep into the psyche of viewers. This wealth of information encompasses over 1000 products and a staggering 1000+ attitudinal variables, enabling advertisers to tailor their campaigns with remarkable precision.

The Cube allows, for example, marketers to see the actual TV consumption of buyers of a specific product or service, e.g. it provides insights into how many minutes of TV are consumed by heavy beer consumers, athletes, those who drive premium automotive brands – and more.

How does it work?

The sales house’s ambition is clear: to offer advertisers a holistic understanding of their target audience, enriching their TV consumption data with a multifaceted perspective. This is achieved by crossing four pivotal dimensions: audience, content preferences, product consumption patterns, and the complex web of interests and opinions that shape viewer behaviour.

One of the most striking benefits of The Cube is its capacity to empower advertisers. Armed with this sophisticated tool, advertisers can meticulously plan and evaluate the performance of Atresmedia television campaigns. They gain access to detailed reports that allow them to fine-tune their strategies and optimise their campaigns. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are scrutinised with precision, thanks to the wealth of new data sources now at their disposal.

Atresmedia’s visionary tool exemplifies its commitment to staying at the forefront of the media industry, offering advertisers a competitive edge that transcends traditional advertising methods. Advertisers now possess an extraordinary tool to unlock the full potential of their campaigns, delivering messages with accuracy to the right audience.

In conclusion, The Cube represents a shift in the way we understand and harness television audiences. Atresmedia’s innovative approach, enriched by third-party data, has unlocked a new dimension in advertising. Advertisers can now navigate the complex TV landscape with precision, confident in their ability to engage audiences in a manner that transcends traditional sociodemographic models.