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Procter & Gamble broadcast a TV commercial with audio description in Switzerland for the very first time. The Gillette commercial is just the beginning of accessible TV advertising in Switzerland. The audio description function, which has been used in feature films at SRG SSR for several years, is now making its way into TV advertising in Switzerland. For example, the consumer goods manufacturer P&G has broadcast a Gillette TV commercial with audio description for the first time.

Close up shot of man in shower with subtitle at the bottom, taken from Gillette TV ad with audio description

In this TV commercial, the visual images on the screen are explained by accompanying audio descriptions. These descriptions are placed during pauses in the commercial’s dialogue, and are predominantly designed for viewers who are visually impaired. This audio track also aims to help autistic viewers better understand the situations and emotions depicted in the commercial. Procter & Gamble launched the initiative in spring with its TV commercials for Ariel, and intends to produce all its commercials with audio description in the future.

In this way, P&G is taking on a pioneering role in accessible TV advertising. Kristina Bulle, CMO at Procter & Gamble in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, is delighted that the manufacturer can now also broadcast accessible TV advertising in Switzerland: ‘Our mission is to make sure that our corporate and brand content can be accessed and understood by everyone. We want to give all audiences the same access to information – including in commercials – and thereby help to drive positive change in society.’

The function is available to all viewers via their TV settings. They can view programmes with audio description by selecting the corresponding audio channel.

In Switzerland, the broadcasting of accessible TV advertising is possible exclusively with Admeira. The service is available free of charge to all Admeira customers who deliver their commercials with a suitable audio track.

Admeira CH – P&G Gillette – Audio Described TV Commercial