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About Knowledge Hub

egta’s Knowledge Hub is the one-stop destination for curated resources and business insights tailored to empower media and advertising professionals. The platform includes a comprehensive library of relevant egta documents, including research, case studies, podcasts, and other industry resources. By consolidating these resources in one accessible platform, we strive to foster learning, inspire innovation, and ultimately, drive success for TV/video and radio/audio advertising community.

The egta Knowledge Hub is designed to be a practical tool for all egta members, offering valuable insights into the latest trends, challenges, and best practices across a wide range of industry topics. Whether you are seeking guidance on ad tech advancement, audience measurement, or innovative advertising strategies, or new ad formats, our platform is here to help you stay informed and ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving landscape.

About egta

egta is the global trade body for marketers of advertising solutions across multiple screens, video and audio platforms.

egta’s members are sales houses that commercialise advertising space of 160+ private and public TV and radio channels in 40+ markets (in Europe and beyond).

Over its 45+ years of activity, egta has become the international reference centre for TV/video and radio/audio advertising. egta’s role is to assist and empower television and radio sales houses in their efforts to monetise audio and audio-visual content through advertising solutions, regardless of the device or platform it appears on. The organisation offers a wide range of services to its members, including: advocacy and regulatory assistance, market intelligence, benchmarking and networking.


Welcome to our comprehensive library of industry insights! Delve into our extensive collection featuring innovative business case studies, latest research, and best practice examples showcasing the power of multiplatform TV and audio. These resources, curated by egta, cover a diverse array of industry topics and challenges, and offer invaluable guidance and inspiration for TV and audio professionals. Learn from the best in our industry, get inspired, and explore the wealth of resources available at your fingertips.

Expert interviews

egta Expert Series are short interviews with industry thought leaders on a number topics and trends shaping today’s advertising and media industry, released in the video and podcast form. Feel inspired and learn from the best! Whether you’re a marketer, advertiser, media professional, or just someone interested in the industry, you’ll find these interviews informative, thought-provoking, and engaging. So, tune in and join us as we explore the cutting-edge ideas and developments that are shaping the future of advertising and media

Accessible advertising

As a trade body, egta aims to raise awareness amongst its members around advertisers’ new accessibility objectives and to make sure that TV and radio sales houses are ready to take on the associated challenges. This section of the website aims at facilitating the exchange of knowledge and best practices around the implementation of access services on TV by sharing insights from those who have made significant progress in this area already. The goal is to create a reference point to inspire and guide TV companies as they establish access services for their own TV advertising inventory.